Thursday, 8 November 2012

Athena Came Ashore = New Jersey

Sea smoke is usually formed when very cold air moves over warmer water and produces a fog-like cloud. This video was taken from Point Pleasant, New Jersey as Athena came ashore.

I did buy a new Jersey last week to keep me warm. It was reduced from 35 pounds to ten pounds and 50 pence. Has we know, ten is to do with the new cycle of time, and 50 is to do with one of the 50 signs of the Jubilee. 

The new jersey is fur lined in creamy white in the bodice for extra warmth, the outer is made in grey wool to match my silver greying hair that is turning white in places. It has a hood with grey fur on the rim of the hood. It reminded me of a long evening dress that I wore when I was just a teenager. I had added the soft white feathers to the rim of the hood.  

So what else do we have on Athena? There used to be a chain of shops in England that sold posters of the artworks of classical artists. You don't see many poster shops these days, most of them are gone. However, sometimes you see a few pop posters in card shops, but even they are few and far between. 

On the 7th of April, 2012. Yours truly wrote about the 'Spiritual Law Outpouring'. [1] A poster made a comment regarding 'Athena', the name of her mother. 

Has we know the name of the genetic mother of yours truly was Lily, that is why Lily is mentioned in the bible. Is the name 'Athena' in the biblical prophecies? I cannot see it, can you?  

Athena was the patron of Athens, has such it is associated with the Greeks. The Prince of Greece did not return my golden shoes in the right size to me; and now they will have no shoes. Sometimes the heavenly Father gives people such simple things to do; to justify them in good deeds. However, when they disregard the agreements made with yours truly, the cost is very high indeed. The biblical prophecies pre-warn you that the fire comes to them, and burns down their fortresses in this timeline. 

The Prince of Greece was a Greek, born to Greek parents, he lived in the USA until he was 19 years old. Then he returned to Greece. Hence why Greece is connected to the USA in this timeline of this post. 

Teshuvah Greece, teshuvah Greek people. Remember that it was yours truly that came to help you in this timeline. The LORD God sent his mercy and the gates will not be open for long. 



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