Monday, 26 November 2012

21st December, 2012 - Plate 68

This is part of a documentary on Nostradamus and 2012. Those that are providing the commentary for the History channel refer to a particular drawing that is part of what is known has the 'Lost Book' of Nostradamus.

Is what they have said about the drawing correct?

Let's see shall we? This image is called 'Plate 68' and my left foot is itching has I write this. That means it is to do with past life and also the physical realm.

At the bottom of the picture you will see a golden brick and that is symbolic of the foot of Christ. Above that you will see that the Scorpion and the Lamb are face on, has if they are in combat, taking each other on. No coincidence then that the catalyst for my teshuvah and healing process was a Scorpio. It was also around that time that I saw the golden foot of Christ for the first time while sitting with a friend. We both saw it at the same time.

Above that is a white ribbon of purity creating a division between the timelines, and the arm/hand that holds the sword of truth. Around the sword of truth that pricks the conscience of those that are sleeping. You will see another white ribbon with writing on it. Has such, it is symbolic of a scroll of remembrance.

It is pointing to another creature that looks like some kind of turtle with many legs on one side and only one on the other side. It sits on top of a tree of life. This indicates that the sea creatures are changing due to what humanity are doing to nature. Has we know that prophecy has become a reality.

You can clearly see the roots of the tree so it could well indicate a timeline where the trees are pulled out of the ground. That too has become a reality in this timeline.

The scorpio and the lamb are also significant in this timeline. Due to the fact that humanity are now in the 'Saturn in Scorpio' transit for the next couple of years. That began on the 5th of October, 2012.

I have no idea how the history channel presenters connected Sagittarius to this picture has I do not see anything that relates to that astrological sign in this particular plate. Of course, the arm with the sword is symbolic of Archangel Michael and the brown is symbolic of a monk like St Francis of Assisi or St Clare.  The picture is informing you that the person that holds the sword of truth lives like a monk/nun.

The sword of truth is pointing upwards to the wheel. Has we know the wheel can relate to a new cycle of time, it can also relate to the spiritual law and karma. In addition, the breaking wheel is to do with Saint Catherine of Egypt who has reincarnated.


There are eight spokes to the wheel and that is to do with Venus, and in this timeline, the evening star. The first Venus transit of the sun was in 2004, the morning star, the second transit of the sun took place in the summer of 2012, the evening star.

Hence, the Venus energy of USHA, the divine court, divine truth and consciousness is paramount in this timeline, that is why the sword is pointing at it for justice to be done. Eight is also the number of spiritual transformation, as such, Nostradamus is giving the people the indications of what is important in this timeline.

Above the wheel there is more white, this time it looks like paper, that is formed in the shape of a door. Like a portal that one can walk through.

So I will confirm that this plate is to do with this timeline. However, I feel it has a broader meaning than just the 21st of December, 2012.

What is interesting to me is that my second saturn return is exact eight days later, on the 29th of December, 2012. Astrologer Robert Wilkinson, also wrote about the second saturn return and its 'authorship'. We will look at that more closer to the date.

Some astrologers relate the 21st of December to events in 1989. I can relate it to 1989,  because that was the year I started my own creative agency, and I ran that company until we left for Australia in 1998. The biblical prophecies also predicted that a skilled writer would come, as such, being a professional writer was part of the criteria for the one that was destined to come. Another biblical prophecy fulfilled. It is no surprise to me that the Creator would choose a creative; to inspire the children in a good way. There are many strings to her bow, many strings to the instrument of the LORD's Harp of Faithfulness.

As far as Sagittarius is concerned, it is my ascendent sign, and the 21st of December, 2012 does come in the sign of the Archer that shoots the arrows of truth. Has we know the archer is also a horse, and I was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse.

Returning to the plate of Nostradamus, the door is DALET in Hebrew and it relates to selflessness. Yours truly purified that gateway in Israel in September 2007 with salt, with another creative, an Israeli musician. Hence, musical, written and healing arts united at that time. Recently I was asked if I have ever played an instrument. The only instruments that I have in this timeline are for healing. Those instruments include a Native American drum, an Egyptian tambourine, tuning forks, 2 bamboo flutes from India. In addition to some other small oddities like shakers, that I was compelled to collect while traveling.

Personally, I feel great optimism about the 21st of December, 2012 especially has I have been compelled to paint in recent months. Has we know the LORD God did say 'Adonai', and yesterday he spoke of the 'ring'. When he speaks to me of the ring, it always means that it is an engagement with God, and something very important will happen on that day. I am being sent out that day to celebrate with a friend of 30 years. It is a belated birthday celebration. So who knows, who I will be blessed to bump into on that day. Whoever it is, they will be compelled by the LORD God; to be in the same place at the same time for divine purpose.

To conclude; I feel that the plate above indicates that the scientists that are harming the creatures in the sea; will be removed with their tree. Scientists that are not in harmony with the LORD God's creation and spiritual law.  In addition, the sword is often related to King Arthur in this land of Joseph. However, there is a man that was given a message way back in the 90's and he was informed that 'The tomahawk will be as important to Peter has the sword was to Arthur'. Within six months of receipt of that divine message, a real tomahawk manifested and was delivered to him. Writing was also put around the wooden part of the tomahawk with a message that had been received. So I can see how it all fits together. He knows what he has to do. In the meantime, I shall send this mandala to Peter.

Onwards and upwards




Anonymous said...

You write about reincarnation. You write in another article you are the wonderous woman from heaven. Are you claiming to be the blessed virgin, the mother of the Christ reincarnated?

Eliakim said...

Is that what you think Rev 12 is about? Big smiles.