Saturday, 10 November 2012


This is another mandala, it deserves its own post. This one is for a dear friend, a British woman who has demonstrated her trustful loyalty to yours truly, I was blessed by her blessing on many divine missions, and we have remained close for a decade. 


The centre of the pattern is a like a lotus flower in the flame colors, it is surrounded by a turquoise diamond for transformation and acceptance. We then have an eight pointed star of Venus, surrounded by colors that are symbolic of the heavens. 

While painting the pattern, I was given the name 'Florentina', there was a Florentine school of artists in the 14th century in Italy. From whence, Michelangelo came. It is written that the school and its artists declined due to the plague that swept Europe. Has we know 25 million people died during that plague. Florentine is also the name of a biscuit in Italy. The link with Florence also connects us with the Harmonic Concordance celebration that was held in Florence in November 2003. Another biblical prophecy was fulfilled, when the elect were called from one end of heaven to another by the Angels. Spiritual people celebrated all around the world at that point in time, it was the first engagement with God that was pre-ordained. 

Classical music also features the 1598 Florentine Intermedi. [1] 

Come Italy come...

It looks like we have located another saint that has reincarnated. History of the female Florentine, Saint Mary Magdalena, its a lovely story, how she was a mystic from a child. A Carmelite nun, that explains so much. If I remember correctly, I brought back a gift for her from the Carmelite monastery on Mount Carmel in May 2006. I knew in my heart, that I had to bring a gift from there. 

To date; this is the third reincarnated female saint that has been identified. 

Love beyond measure 


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