Tuesday, 20 September 2011


In the Rev 12 post we mentioned the 'red dragon' and and how it links back to the days of communist Russia. Today a post from UN watch as just arrived in my in box and a dissident from China has written an excellent article titled 'UN's RED CARPET FOR TYRANTS'. The carpet also came up in the crop circles this season.

Basically the dissidents are hosting their own assembly on the same day that the UN meets. They state that repression isn't welcome at their assembly. The annual UN General assembly held in New York each year, is a permanent fixture. This Wednesday, President Obama opens the debate and its the 66th session. How that number keeps on coming up in the magnitudes of the earthquakes.

Jianli reports that in 2009, Khadfy gave his address and called the security council a 'terror council'. That just about sums up Islam and his own family, after seeing the reports of what was going on in Libya.

In the past, Ahmadinejad denied the Holocaust, and he certainly denies the Holocaust that he creates in his own land. Another 22 people were executed this week in Iran for being drug dealers. I do not agree with drugs or drug dealers. However, we have proven that they can be redeemed.

Jianli states that Together, we will produce a series of proposed human rights resolutions for the UN to adopt, based upon a common principle: The use of fear as an instrument of government must be banished forever. Freedom from fear was promised by the UN in the preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Rest assured that until this basic freedom is taken seriously in those halls, our voices will ring loud.

Jianli is a leading Chinese human rights advocate. An eyewitness to the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989, he now lives in the United States, where he founded Initiatives for China, a pro-democracy organization. [1]

Is the word fear really the right word here? Or does it have bigger implications? Are we not talking about the removal of root causes of that which creates fear? Fear is the core issue, it isn't the root cause. If we look at Khadfy and Ahmadinejad its about their belief systems, religious ones at that. If we look at Hugo Chavez, China and the rest of the tyrants, its about men with power that have not healed themselves.

"People are not a commodity, without love they become so". from Sacred Words.

The tyrants are really no different from each other, it goes back to their childhoods and healing is required. Power cannot corrupt the incorruptible, and those that have truly made peace with the self.

So is it just about democracy that the tyrants do not have?

No, of course not. The USA is a democracy and as been at war every year since its existence.

Dissidents you have to dig a lot deeper, you have to get to the root causes of the core issues to truly understand the solutions.

So what is Mr Obama going to say when he walks on the red carpet with his fellow tyrants?

The 66th session for the man 666. 6+6+6 = 18, the soferim of 'Materialism striving to destroy spirituality'.

Tomorrow will be the 21st of September, 2011. The UN annual date for the 'International Day of Peace' and the man that was given the Nobel peace prize will be making his opening speech. The man that attacked Pakistan four days into the presidency.

I hope he likes the red carpet of the red dragon, the 21st of September is the 'Day of Taste'. That fits in perfectly with those that will be swallowing; what Obama and his bed mates at the UN have to offer.

Don't you just love it.

Is there any WISDOM at the UN?

No. Hence, why they were stunned when this child spoke in 1992.


1. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2011/09/19/2011-09-19_the_uns_red_carpet_for_tyrants.html#ixzz1YP7kj7OX


Anonymous said...

Your quote:
"Khadfy gave his address and called the security council a 'terror council'. That just about sums up Islam and his own family, after seeing the reports of what was going on in Libya..." End quote.

Do you know how to spell??!! It's NOT 'Khadfy,' but 'GAD-DAF-I!!' If you sound-out your words, and pay attention to spelling, you would do alot better. Also, NOT NICE to speak about Islam that way! Apparently, you STILL judge people, according to their professed Faith. NO! We should ALWAYS care about people, REGARDLESS of their Faith! Where is your heart?! AND, not nice to speak about the Gaddafi Family like that! When did they ever wrong you?! I bet if they ever met you, they wouldn't like you in the least, with your bad attitude! Furthermore, you have NO IDEA of what has been going on in Libya! So don't you sit there and profess to know about the matters concerning Libya, because you know NOTHING about it!

Stop badmouthing my People, my Faith, my Land, and my Family!

You know, some people might consider YOU a tyrant/dictator! Thank God for miracles that you don't have your own Country, your people would be in serious trouble!


Eliakim said...

I was quoting an article, as such I quote the words given by the writer of that said article.

Did u see what the wife of Hannibal did to their maid that the rebels rescued? Did you know that Hannibal's wife had to be taken to hospital because of the wounds that had been inflicted upon her in a hotel room with her husband in England?

As the Son of God told you before, do not drop your litter here or you shall be judged for doing so.

So you can you heal it?

Not nice
wouldn't like you
bad attitude
know nothing
serious trouble

He gave me the authority for the world, that is a lot larger than one country.

Of course, if you knew your scriptures then you would know that.

By the way another plane as gone down in VIRGINia, and it is T28, 28 is the number of the LAMB.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Authority for the World? No, this 'Authority' rests with me. There ARE 'other' Scriptures, other than the Bible, that I hold Sacred. Not well-known. Many suprises waiting in the near-future. Can I heal it?! Can YOU heal it?! Judged?! You cannot judge me. My Authority is Sovereign. You have no power over me.

Yes, I'm aware of Hannibal and his wife. I believe that hearts can be changed, transformed, to goodness. ALL people deserve love. All we need to do is love them. Love changes everything! And if you're going to quote an article (if indeed your quote IS from an article,) please state your source. Otherwise, it is taken to be your own words.

Drop my litter here?! Don't flatter yourself. Just please learn to spell 'Gaddafi' the right way, (and not leave out syllables), so I won't be further offended...


Eliakim said...

Can you heal it?

No power
Flatter yourself

Seek within.

We gave you the link to the article and referenced it. It is up to you to check the links before responding. As Christ told you, judge not or you shall be judged. So indeed you have been by the LORD God himself.

May the will of the LORD God be done.

Eliakim said...

PS Love is only the beginning.