Wednesday, 14 September 2011

1st, 2nd, 3rd SEALS

I experienced a great flood and there was nothing that I could do to stop it until I took action. There was no control over the flood, it was a natural event. This tells me that there will be more flooding and the flooding will not stop until the people do the will of the LORD God.

When the people do the will of the LORD God then I am given permission to intervene in a good way.

Yesterday, we also shared an update on the 3rd seal that was opened in 2009, and it is also related to Israel and Gaza. In 2009, I saw the black horse cantering along the beach there and shared in the public domain at the time. The scales are to do with justice, karma and the measure of the law. However, I also saw the black horse and its power for healing as well. In Christian art you will also find the goddess of justice and we are currently in the Saturn in Libra transit. Libra is also the symbol of the scales.

The white horse and its bow was released in 2008, it was the year of the golden bow. The bow also related the Archer and in astrology is the sign of Sagittarius, it is my ascendent sign in my birth chart.

The flying white horse like pegasus also relates to the Acharit in Jewish Mysticism, the last. It is the Lord Kalki in Indian spirituality and is found again in Rev 19. Lord Kalki comes to put an end to the Kali Yuga and the age of darkness. You can understand it in terms that Christ described, the shortening of this time for the sake of the spiritually elect. In Rev 19, it is the one that is faithful and true to the LORD God.

Rev 6 is also about the payments and in the Malachi prophecies they are called tithes, that is to do with the sun of righteousness and the healers. Healing is the righteous path and in Judaism it is also called the highway to holiness. Hence, why the root word of of Shalom, means to be whole.

The Messenger of the Covenant who delivered the covenant for the children in 2007 is here.  Elijah was also the weather prophet that impacted upon the weather and the climatic systems and the ravens fed the prophet during the famine. However, it is important to note that Joseph saved the people from the famine in Egypt. Hence, why Moses asked for a descendent of Joseph to be the one that the LORD God would send to help his people. The Gospel of Peace also spoke of the one that would be sent by the Father to ensure that the prophecies of darkness to do with the future can be avoided.

The Messenger of the Covenant is the one known as Messiah Joseph in Judaism, they are the teacher of righteousness. Although very little is known about them and the bible tells the scholars that it was meant to be that way for divine purpose. Daniel was told that the books were sealed until the end. The other prophets also mentioned that the prophecies were sealed until the appointed time, and they predicted that the herald would come in the last days of the end times.

The scriptures explain that the LORD God planned to make fools of the scholars, academics and spiritual people who did not predict or know about my coming.

2008, was the time of the red horse and I saw it in Georgia, that used to be in the USSR, I was shown it just before war broke out in Georgia and shared it in the public domain. The man that was given the Nobel peace prize did the opposite. He took peace from the earth. He is the fiery red one and his party is red, Obama is also the astrological fire sign, of LEO. He is featured in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation as the 3rd beast. Nostradamus describes him as the Islamic anti-christ and he also mentioned the reds in connection with the USA. Its no coincidence that the Nostradamus quatrain is C1.3, 13 relates to Rev 13. [2]

Obama was involved in a great deal long before he became president of the USA, in fact, he as been involved in it all of his life. Nostradamus mentions that he would work alongside a great religious leader and it is well known that he works with the leader of the Nation of Islam and Farrakan hailed Obama the Messiah, pre and post presidential election. Rev 13 tells the people, that whoever supported the 3rd beast is not written in the lamb's book of life and it is written 'This calls for WISDOM', the one with insight. The intention being to stop him in his tracks, in the prophecies, the Leo the Leopard from Africa only as 42 months.

Wisdom stands against Obama, she is the Virgin that is also mentioned in Rev 12. Her 1260 days ended in December 2008. Then we moved into a higher gear and started the blogs. Micah 4 also mentions her mission to the USA (Babylon) that same year to warn the American people about Obama and what was coming. In the Christian scriptures wisdom is also called the 'Queen of the South' and goddess of justice. As well as Son of Man that is a term of endearment for a prophet. The south is also the sacred direction of the prophets.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls the equivalent of the Islamic anti-christ is called the Son of lawlessness.  The Virgin of purity, who is also WISDOM was called to do the count, she stands against Obama and his wild beasts who create violence against others. Violence disempowers the soul and vexes the Spirit of God.

The fourth seal is the one that I am most concerned about at this point in time, and it mentions murder by the wild beasts of the earth. In 2009, I was shown a vision of a wild turkey and I shared it with Americans at the time. As we know, Turkey has now openly declared its engagement to move into the waters that Israel defends with war ships. It is actually an announcement from Turkey of their declaration of an act of war with Israel. Obama funds both sides from the American tax payer, Americans fund both Turkey and Israel. 

The rebels in Libya have also carried out genocide with the black African population. NATO did nothing to help those people that did their utmost to leave Libya by boat. 

The people are also fully aware of the genocides in Somalia and Darfur in the name of Islam. As we know Obama was also involved in the elections in Kenya, and Christians and their Churches were set on fire because they were refusing to vote for and join the Islamic man, Obama's cousin. Over a 1,000 people died. Obama also attacked Pakistan without provocation and was behind the war with Libya, he as the blood of children on his hands, and still he as not provided a legitimate birth certificate. Hence, why the Dead Sea Scrolls state that son of lawlessness is the 'usurper' of the true one sent from the LORD God to help the people.

The latest news today is that Obama's people have set up a website for American's to turn in their own people who speak out against him. That is a contravention of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, article 19. [1]. Everyone as the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions, without interference, and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media, and regardless of frontiers.

No coincidence that is article 19 because it relates to Rev 19 and the truth movement. 19, is also the number of the sun of righteousness, the promise and the blessings. It is also the number of victory and the book of Revelation begins by telling the people about the one that overcome and would be victorious.


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