Friday, 23 September 2011


Before going off to sleep the LORD said 'Bottle-noose' and then this morning I woke up to a bright bluebell field and then he said FOX.

Bottle noose reminds me of dolphins, and Fox always reminds me of Fox news and Murdoch. The bluebell field, it was absolutely covered, it also relates to where people have died in war, and the healing thereof.

However, there is another reality, a product as been developed called a 'Bottle-feeding noose" for babies and a forum for 'Mothering', is very concerned about the product and so they should be. Its also called a 'bottle sling'.

I have selected the best comments from the mums:

"I can think of 3 major safety problems with this: 1. choke hazard 2. bottle mouth syndrom 3. can teach child to eat even if they aren't hungry and lead to overeating problems/obesity.

And that doesn't even begin to address lack of bonding and parent responsibilty.

I hated the line that said something like, "Now you don't have to schedule your outings around your child's feeding schedule." Because heaven forbid that your child's needs take priority over your social life."

"So is the implication that you can just stick the baby in the back of the car with the bottle prop (rear facing, I assume) and go on about your merry way?"

"It also looks like a strangulation hazzard - I thought the rule was 'no strings/straps over 6" for baby" [1]

I am speechless that any mother with any common sense would even consider purchasing a 'Bottle-feeding noose' let alone ever use one. Breast feeding was one of the most amazing joys of giving and sharing life, and we always recommend that people breast feed, whenever possible. It is an incredible experience for every mother and baby. Breast feeding also helps your body to come back into shape naturally. I was back in size 12 jeans, within three and half weeks. 

I breast fed for three+ months full-time, and I had enough frozen milk for the next three months. Six months gave my son an excellent start in life. My frozen breast milk was handy for when we were traveling on a train, at a celebration like a wedding or food shopping. 

I simply used to catch the milk in small cups that I wore in my bra. The cups had been given to me by the hospital, due to me sharing my breast milk with other babies, while I was in the maternity ward. 

Jordan did have some powder milk after six months,  but very little of it. It wasn't long before he was on ordinary milk and solids. I found that he used to get thirsty, and it wasn't always milk that he was asking for, sometimes he was just asking for a drink, like water or juice. 

The pictures of the bottle noose as been removed from ebay due to complaints. However, if you see one, please feel free to share. 

The foxes are certainly on the move, take great care of your babies. As the animal kingdom become more hungry due to the removal of their habitat, they move closer to human beings for food. In fact, there was a case in June when a fox in Hackney, East London, England, attacked twin baby girls in their cots. The babies were found covered in blood. [4]

People usually think of foxes in relationship with the country, now that they've banned fox hunting, there are a lot more of them. They can be found in highly populated cities as the report from East London proves. No coincidence that Murdoch's Wapping is also in East London. 

What else do we have on Murdoch? In January, 400 Rabbi's stood against him in a letter. [5]


Uploaded 2 hours ago by Mother Jones. 

Murdoch in the school house. The headline is 'Fox in the school house. Murdoch wants to teach your kids'. 

"Murdoch will make an unusual public appearance in San Francisco, delivering the keynote address at an education summit hosted by former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who has lately been criss-crossing the country promoting his own version of education reform." [6]

Most foxes are RED. 

Remember what the LORD God said last year "No school, schools out". 

So is the Fox mentioned in the bible? Yes. 

When the Apostles told the Son of God to leave, and go some place else, because Herod was going  to kill him. 

“Go tell that fox, ‘I will keep on driving out demons and healing people today and tomorrow, and on the third day I will reach my goal.’ Luke 13:32 “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”Luke 9:58 



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Breast feeding in Islam. This made me laugh, adult men drinking breast milk.