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Small is Mighty

The Christian Post in the USA, report that a prominent baptist minister insists that 'America's days are numbered and that the Christians are not going to save America. He as published a book with the subtitle, "How to make America's last days your best days". Its certainly refreshing to hear that a Christian author, Robert Jeffress understands that times are changing and they're changing fast.

In fact there is a biblical prophecy that many Americans will be driven out from the land of Esau.

Prophet Isaiah predicted that the small nations would become mighty. Mighty due to their integrity
and living harmonically with the planet and its people. A small nation like Bhutan is a perfect example
of that. A country that as remained true to its original culture and itself. Its king and spiritual leader as banned all plastic bags and private logging companies. They have what their king calls 'Gross national happiness'.

My view is that the time is fast approaching, when people will come to understand that there will be no new world order in the nature that government leaders have been planning for decades. Globalization is completely against the true teachings of the LORD God. The plan for the last days expresses that very clearly indeed. There will be no one world religion and there will be no one world currency. Those that have witnessed what as happened in Europe, with the Euro is a perfect example that it simple does not work.

I see a time in the not too distant future, when very large countries will divide,  become much smaller. The more that the people take their power back, return to their purest essence, live simply, the sooner it will come to be.

When the communities are smaller they will be much easier to manage, workloads shared and communities that flourish ecologically and self-sustainably. People who are awakened, have simply
had enough of the military machine, the murder of children for political ends. That only enhance the profits of the corporations and their shareholders. Nations around the world, are fully aware that some Western nations, mainly the USA, have lived off of the backs of the poorer nations in recent decades
and the third world countries are not up for it anymore.  The people are taking their power back.

As we told people in the 90's at Mind, Body and Spirit exhibitions, 2012 is the end of the world as
you have known it, not the end of the world. At the end of the Mayan calendar, it simply begins anew. For instance when the people of China take their power back, then Tibet will be free.

Smaller countries and nations, like Bhutan that concentrate on 'Gross National Happiness' is the way to go, ecological and self-sustainably. Local jobs for local people. Local farmers with local fresh produce that is more healthy for the people that live on the land. Fresh water, free energy, no more consumerism. Otherwise the planet and its people simply will not survive, and the more that the people rebel against what is right, the more the environment will respond.

Biblically speaking, the new order that was mentioned, is about getting rid of the 'monopoly' of the corporations, the control mechanisms, the social engineering, carried out by governments, scientists
and other academics. Existing government systems in large countries will be removed, in fact all existing systems implemented by existing governments, will be proven to be completely inefficient, incompetent and uneconomical. Why? They're based upon the short term financial results and statistics, with no long term gains for the people or the planet.

The people will no longer be willing to pay taxes on land that is theirs to live on freely by divine right. There will be a movement of people away from danger zones, a mass exodus if you like. An exodus out of the existing way of life, that governments have forced people to live in.  Many rainbow warriors from Europe have already left.

People will no longer be willing to work for people who tax them on their labour, because that is
against the law of the LORD God. People will come together and build new communities that are healthy for children and their future. A natural way of life, living in harmony with the planet. Those
that don't will face the consequences for not doing so. It will not happen overnight it will happen over
a period of time. However, know this, economics did not create the world, as such economics cannot save the world or its people. The same applies to the religions, man created religions not God. In fact,
the word religion does not even exist in biblical Hebrew.

Only the people themselves; can make the choices that are right for them and their good health. Good health is the greatest wealth.  Like-minded and hearted people, will be drawn together, come together, help each other. Just like they have been doing in recent decades building the new eco communities.

The Amish and the people of Bhutan are perfect examples of people; that can live without the corporations and what they have to offer.

As people move forward to build what they require themselves; from the natural resources that are available to them. The family life and family, helping each other will come back together again. At the end of the day, we only have each other and those that are willing to be part of a community that is wholesome, holistic, compassionate and merciful.

There are many that are ready to move now. Unfortunately, many people in the USA, and some in the UK,  are in, what they call 'trapped in negative equity'. However, as the death of Harold Camping shows, there is not a lack of cash in the USA. Harold Camping left $200,000.000. One must ask why didn't he and his church use that money to help the poor and homeless?  Camping was more interested
in judgement day, than helping those that required food and help. The same can be said about many, both in and outside of the Church in the USA.

There are some really wonderful people in America. However, they have to get their priorities right.
It is up to the people to align their will with the will of LORD God, not the other way around.

Jeffress is right, the Christians cannot save America, and the biblical prophecies predicted, that it is
only Messiah Joseph that can help ESAU. Esau means hairy and it is the land of Edom, the red man.
It is his land by divine right and blessing, and until the day comes when every American honors that
and as the humility to exalt them, the USA will continue to suffer the consequences of their actions.

I will defend the indigenous peoples always. It is in my blood, to always defend the ones that have
been purposefully, disempowered by the violence of others. Violence vexes the Spirit of the LORD
God and he said 'No more war in my name'.

If the people cannot live in his HESED, then best you leave the planet, because the LORD God is merciful. Government leaders, the economists and money men, have shown him that they are not prepared to humble themselves to the will of the LORD.  As such, they will see the power of his
might for his glory, and never again, will my people have to face discrimination, persecution or

Never again will governments or any religion, be allowed to inflict or impose their will onto the
people. Leaders of communities in its different spheres of operation,  are currently paid high salaries
to serve the people, not the other way around. You could say, that this is the last chance to change willingly.

Now humanity have one choice left, change or leave. As he said last year "Do or Die". The people
will not die at the hand of the LORD God, it will be due to humanity themselves. He allows nations
to destroy themselves with their own hand.

His right hand is righteous and always does what is right. He honors his creation, and he created a small Messiah Joseph with little feet, to serve him to help humanity for his divine purpose for his divine plan. In my experience, if he has the choice between a rich man and a poor man, he will choose the poor man every single time. He sees beyond appearances directly into the heart. He knows who comes from pure intention, he knows who have the humility to ask for forgiveness, who have mercy and who does not.

He knows who helps when we ask.



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Eliakim, look for an uprising here in America over the 911 ceramony as the first responders are not allowed in as they know the truth and the timing of a passing dwarf star are all to coinside and mayhem will result do not doubt the NWOs almost sacred gemotric plans to get what they want and god will manifest their destinys as he sees fit, know that diviersions are their trademark and this fall will be the fall of the U.S. monitary system, but no one ever knows exactly the timing of these tyrants ...cgjames.....the one.....