Thursday, 8 September 2011

No 16 Notre Dame Lightening

On the 1st of September 2011 we shared the Nostradamus prophecy C12.52 that mentions the lightening following the lightening strike in Paris. [1] The prophecy also mentions the fields and two bodies with one head. What does that tell you? Two sides and one game, we have been telling people about that for decades. Clearly, even in the time of Nostradamus, mystics knew it too.

This lightening strike was at a major football game and the game had to be evacuated. The news that UFO's were sighted at the game was ignited by you tuber's and yahoo news, we have provided you with the link from LA Times.

Stadiums are also to do with the vulcanic energy and this one is the 'Notre Dame'. What do you think of when you think of Notre Dame? Da Vinci Code? Notre Dame - 'Our Lady of Paris'. The Notre Dame like the Eiffel Tower, overlooks the Seine where the first black African super model, Katoucha was murdered in February 2008. The year after she launched the book of her life. Do we have your full attention yet?

In the Notre Dame cathedral is also the 'Emmanuel Bell' that was also given in visions previously, featured here on this blog. Its no coincidence that it weighs 13 tons.

The lightening happened at the South Bend, in South Florida on Saturday, the South is the sacred direction of the prophets. The book of Luke also tells you about the 'Queen of the South' and the
time of judgment that began when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel. The whale turned up in May 2010.

LA Times headline is 'No 16 Notre Dame experiences a stormy opener'. 16th ranked Irish. What do the Irish and French have in common? The Vatican. 16 is also to do with Rev 16 and we shared in the past how Rev 16 is about the politicians. Is the storm and lightening another warning? Yes. Now who lives in South Florida? Lucas who goes under the name of Trinity. Connecting the dots.

Who were the countries mainly involved in the push against Libya? USA and France. Looks like people are being driven out of the 'game' and the fields where 'games' are played, by the storms. It will be the storms in the environment that will drive those that understand them out. As the LORD God said 'The Rainbow Warriors know. It is the Christians that are worried'.

A few years ago, when I read that France had signed a nuclear deal with Libya, I knew there was going to be trouble, and I posted it at the time on Trinity's website. Were these truly UFO's? You decide.




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