Thursday, 22 September 2011


The WW2 Mustang plane that went down in Nevada was a P51 [1] and the number 51 keeps on coming up. On the 27th March 2011, the LORD said 'No 51'. [2] and we made a post on it at the time.

51 is Hebrew gematria value for EDOM and MOAB, it is also the value of 'violence', 'possessions' 'fury' 'destroy' and 'measure' and that is about the USA. The 'measure' of the law of the spiritual law. The Son of God told his followers that they would be judged by their deeds and words in this timeline. He also told them that the Queen of the South would judge this generation when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel.

In Aramaic it is the value of 'pride', 'hurt' and 'sea'. The sea is to do with emotions, the pride of the people gets hurt because they have not healed themselves. Those that have healed themselves know that if you feel hurt then it means that you have to learn to love more, in other words you have a lot more to heal within. The more love that you become, the more you learn to walk on the ocean of emotion. Until the time comes, when you reach the dry and pure land.

It is also the Hebrew gematria value of 'EL' and ELOHIYM and Obama read out Psalm 46 on 9/11. That Psalm mentions yours truly and the LORD God. Last night, Americans had made a post of Obama and how on the 20th, he was photographed with his hand up over the face of the man next to him. His hand was in the shape of the hamsa the other way up, he had his thumb out forming the V sign. The hand in that position is also the stop sign and is used to stop the traffic. We featured the men that stop the traffic in one of our previous posts here. I have a feeling it was Bhutan.

It looks like his hand was in front of the face of Ban Ki Moon, the president of the UN. In the bible the VIRGIN in Rev 12, as the moon under her feet. We certainly do have the UN under our feet due to them living in earthly realities. My feeling is that the UN will be defeated because it does not have the solutions.

My hand is the other way up on this blog, because it is symbolic of the right hand of the LORD God offering his help to humanity. It is also that shape and way that he showed me in the visions. When he showed it to me for the second time, he shouted at me and he said  'This must be your avatar'.

51 is also the value of LAM and that is the shepherds staff that defends the tender and gentle hearted. In the ancient pictographs it looks like the letter J for Joseph. 51 is also the value of Micah, and Micah 4 shares the LORD's divine plan for the last days. The plan makes Daughter ZION the main focus and she was given her kingship after her return from the USA (Babylon) in 2008.

Isaiah 51 is also prophetic for this timeline, it is also about the arm of the LORD. 'Awake, awake arm of the LORD, clothe yourself in strength.' In Greek gematria 51 is 'One', 'Cast', 'Receive', 'Judgement'. The judgement began in 2010 after the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel, exactly as the bible predicted. Later that year there was a massive fire on Mount Carmel, Israel during Jewish New Year. Exactly as the prophecies predicted, 5 million trees burned down, that is one for every Jewish person living in Israel.

He warned everyone what would happen if they did not take this reality to their heart. He warned them that destruction would be the result, its there in black and white in the Malachi prophecies. He advised the people what they must do; to ensure that the blessings come from heaven. In fact, he told them that the heavens would open up, if they did his will.

Now today, this video as been posted on Area 51, again it is about the USA. It does have very serious implications. In May we also made a post about a book called 'Area 51' and it was also to do with Russia. [5].

Now in this video, the US navy have what looks like an Egyptian beetle as their emblem, and we shared on our other blog about the beetle larvae from India, that as been stopped from entering 145 ports of entry this year. The larvae in the rice from the beetle could co-create a plague of devastating circumstances if is allowed to get through.

As the LORD God said the other week 'The King is not allowing'. 



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