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Ginsburgh Broken Covenant

Tonight I asked Abba, heavenly Father about the disease on my right arm, and he was not happy. He said

'They have broken the covenant.' I asked how and he replied 'Shin'. 

I am aware that Moses also had a skin disease on his arm because it is mentioned in the Torah. I am also aware that it as been proven that cutting the flesh of babies and children mutates genetics, its been proven scientifically. I read about it on my way to Israel in May 2006, the article was in New Scientist. The only time I buy that magazine is when I take a flight.

On the Gal Einai website it claims that it is based upon authentic
Jewish mysticism, and the teachings of Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh.

If you read some of their stuff, its like all academics, they try to blind people with their scientific
mindsets that make everything far more complicated than it is required to be.

Creation is actually very simple, when people understand its simplicity.

Now SHIN is a Hebrew letter and the Ginsburgh website state that it is to do with the eternal flame.

They state that it is to do with 'the flame of divine revelation'.

I have to agree to disagree.

In the biblical prophecies the flame is to do with Joseph and their attributes.

Why a flame?

In my experience, the flame is the unfettered flame of God's divine love in manifestation on the earth plane.

Ginsburgh also states that the word shin in Hebrew is shinui, 'change'.

Well the unfettered flame of divine love certainly helps people to change.

Darkness dies in the arms of love and love is eternal.

No coincidence then that the skin disease on my right arm, began during the change of life when the body is going through many changes.

"The power of change, as latently present within God’s Essence before Creation and thereafter revealed in the infinite intricacy and beauty of an ever-dancing flame, is the secret of the explicit Name of Creation, Elokim, the only Name of God which appears in the plural." [1]

Elokim is also to do with the judgment as the Jewish sages well know, and the name is related to Messiah Joseph and their birth certificate.

Ginsburgh speaks of the flame in terms of the flame of the candle, I view it differently to him and how he describes it.

I view it as the light of the soul that can get blown out or it can grow into the most amazing flame of divine love. Only those that have truly suffered understand how fragile the light of a candle is, until such time as it becomes a flame of the fire. Those that have suffered like Joseph did, understand how not to suffer, and have great compassion for those that do.

The light of the soul is the light that shines the light into the darkness, it is also the light of hope that burns brightly when you have total trust in the divine and your spiritual journey.

Ginsburgh website states " Our Sages teach: "the Land of Israel will in the future spread to incorporate all the lands of the earth.".

1. Well the world certainly struggles with God while they remain in earthly realities. So the Jewish sages certainly manifested that. Did you know the most influential text on the 'Struggle with God' is a Hindu text known as "The Gita" ?

2. So let us just say that the future of the Jewish orthodox sages have now past, and reality as kicked in.

3. The gematria value of SHIN is 300, and 300 is also the value of ELOKIM. [1]

Now let us look it from a different view.

In the ancient pictographs shared by Jeff Benner, (USA) author of the Hebrew Lexicon, the SHIN was originally SIN, and the symbol is described as two teeth and he states that it means 'teeth, sharp or pressed'.

Now in the bible 'pressed' is to do with the spiritual law. No coincidence then that the media got the name 'press' from the printing presses, because teeth are to do with the mouth and communication.

Does it surprise you that I have a genetic inheritance from a man with a Jewish genetic inheritance of cutting the flesh of male babies? Is it also a coincidence that he was a printer on the printing presses, a well known orator and lectured on trade union law?

The mouth is to with the will of God, speaking the law, and spirituality it was naturally passed on orally down the ages in the historic cultures.

Hence why the best story tellers, make the best facilitators of the healing alchemical spiritual process. Its also known as therapeutic self-disclosure in the field of psychology. Although it is very rare indeed, to find a therapist that as the courage, strength and humility to reveal their life story for the benefit of others.

The mouth is also to do with wisdom, hence why you have wisdom teeth. Christ also said that what comes out of the mouth comes out of the heart and as we know anger is the biggest predictor of heart disease, now proven by science.

So what else do we have to add to the difference between the orthodox Jewish Rabbi's interpretation and the understanding of a mystic of the ancient symbols and its relation to today?

The teeth of the shin are connected to the nervous system of the body, if the body and its soul experiences any trauma at all, it impacts on the nervous system and its energetic blueprint. How many of you have had teeth removed or root canal work done due to the diseased nerves relating to those specific teeth?

In my life, during the change of life, I had two removed, two is also to do with two missions to Israel, and there is two teeth described in the symbol of Shin. A coincidence? I don't feel so.

Are there any books on the teeth and their relationship with the rest of body? Yes. There was a book written by a Dr Ken Gillemo and it was called "Cause, Effect and Treatment', it is what I call a light weight book. However, it does give you the map to the connection between the teeth and the organs of the body. My holistic dentist also associates dental issues with past life conditions. Although we have not had the opportunity to discuss it in detail.

So how did they break the covenant? 

Simply put they cut the flesh of the male babies. 

Furthermore, the bible tells Israel that he loves (ELI) ZION more than Israel, and Prophet Micah chapter 4, it gives freedom to all the nations and cultures to be under their own vine or fig tree. They certainly will not be struggling with God, because they will all be going in the right direction to the sacred, there is no other place for them to go now for help.

Don't waste your money on root canal work, the dentist that invented it also stood against it. Last but not least, the letter for the SHIN is in the shape of a W for WISDOM, and the Dead Sea Scrolls told them that wisdom would come. As did the bible and the book of Revelation. Is there a W written in the flesh of my right hand? Of course.

No coincidence that the three prongs of the shin, also relate to the Trinity, multi-dimensional states of being is impacted upon by the spiritual law, nature, nurture and environment. Now proven by cutting edge science and biology by Dr Bruce Lipton.

So Mr Ginsburgh gets 3 tons, 3 is also to do with innovative creative solutions and 333 was the Sophia wisdom gateway in Greece in 2010. The same year that judgement began.




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