Monday, 12 September 2011

Elijah Famine

In the last post the Christians mentioned that Elijah is taken care of during the famine and that Rev 6 is about the famine. However, I see no mention of a famine in Rev 6, although it does mention dying.

It also mentions the great earthquake that is also mentioned by prophet Isaiah. The fact, that it mentions the fig tree that is symbolic of Israel, it is clearly a large earthquake that will impact on the region and the Islands in the med. Prophet Isaiah also predicted the destruction of Damascus.

In Ancient times, the LORD God sent Elijah to tell the people that there would be a drought and famine because the people did not do the will of the LORD God. The famine lasted three years and six months and that is 42 months. 42 months also relates to Obama in the book of Daniel.

During the famine Elijah was fed by the ravens and we made a post the other day how some people have received a message from the ravens and how one of them was white and female. Who fed and poured out the wine for Elijah in Israel, in 2006, and 2007? Spiritual Israeli's.

In ancient times Elijah spent time living at Gilead and we already shared a post on how gilead is to do with healing. Joseph who saved the people of Egypt from the famine also as a connection with Gilead in the bible, and Egypt were also well known for their aromatherapy and healing with plants in ancient times.

The prophecies also state that the recent uprising in Egypt in 2011 was blessed by the LORD God and that it was a testimony for Joseph. His Messiah that Moses asked for, when the LORD God told Moses that he would send a prophet like him, Moses asked for the blessing to be given to a descendent of Joseph; due to the sheer heart of mercy, compassion, humility and loving kindness.

Due to the attributes of Joseph that included integrity, combined with their love of God, loyalty, patience, commitment during trials and tribulations. Moses knew; that it was only one that was like Joseph with the coat of many colors, that would endure gracefully, and would forgive those that stood against purity and simplicity.

So who is Moses reincarnated? Is it the Jewish man that prayed for two days on the River Arno prior to my arrival in 2003? Or was it the Jewish lady that asked God when would Elijah come; prior to me being invited to stay with her for a week in 2006? The lady was the only person that I spoke to face-to-face about Elijah. It was our secret, because at that time I was still sworn to secrecy and she understood.

Elijah helped a single parent mother and her child, we have also worked with single parent families, as well as being one. Hence, why we understand them. Did we bring a child out of the valley of death? Only the parents could confirm that to you, there was one child, a baby that we were seriously concerned about. We arranged for their story, written by the mother to be published in the Australian spiritual press.

The prophet Elijah was clearly advanced spiritually, as he could control and command the weather, like Christ could calm the storms in the name of the LORD God. The other week, I felt compelled to work with the hurricane in the USA, and asked other healers to do the same. Did we help to reduce it from a Cat 3 to a Cat 1 and then a tropical storm? That particular storm was mentioned in the prophecies as the storm of peace and it was divine providence.

However, I am concerned about the prospect of a famine plague as it was predicted by Nostradamus, [1] if the people refuse to do the will of the LORD God, only destruction can come. I have lived it to know it. Hence, why the purpose of Messiah Joseph is to help the people to avoid it, like Joseph did in Egypt. Now it is up to the people to align their will to save themselves, because if the people carry on the way that they are it will come to be. Even Prince Charles is talking about a 6th extinction event, we also know from the scientists that ancient civilizations were wiped out, when they did not receive rain for 200 years.

As we've said before, the LORD God did not send Messiah Joseph for the fun of it, this is very serious, very serious indeed.



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