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It was due to the tragedy of a house fire in North London at this morning [1] that then led to this link. Following our last post with the mention of the 'six' being related to the six points of the star of david, I found it bizarre that this scholars article mentions the great flame, the Fire God and the name of the family that died in the fire. 

The names of the people that were involved in the fire, Bassam Kua are also in the second article linked states that Kua means 'oracle'. 

The press reports said that the family were Palestinian and Nostradamus also made a prophecy about the oracle that is related to Islam. However, it is important to note that I have not been informed whether the family were Christian, Muslim or Secular. 

(Also important to note that there was a serious debate going on, in the public domain at the time that this fire took place, with Phaeton on DTV over the credibility of Mohammad)

When they will be close, the lunar ones will fail. 
from one another not greatly distant. 
Cold, dryness, danger towards the frontiers. 
Even where the oracle as had its beginning. 

In C2.4 quatrain it speaks of the 'beginnings of the oracle' and 'lunar', in other words where it came from. Where 
did the oracle come from? Saudi Arabia. It warns the lunar ones about countries that are cold and dry, because there is danger there for them, even in Saudi. Joel 2 also speaks of the new frontiers. 

Returning to the article that I was led to read, these other aspects pinged out at me. 

"Thus we see the history of the Jewish nation reflected in the history of its temple. The birth of a new city was marked in ancient times by the building of a temple to the protecting god. The origin of the custom is plainly to be seen in the act of proprietorship in land. In the law tablet we 1 See Sayce, "Fresh Light from the Monuments," pp. 117-118. read —
"For the future the Judge shall cause a shrine to be erected in a private demesne;"
l so in like manner was the foundation of the more extended and royal property marked by the erection of a temple." [2]

"The temple was also the Court of Justice, and as the Jewish Sanhedrim met in the temple, so did the council (j3ov\ v ) of the "grey-haired ones" meet to answer judgment in the courts of the Chaldean temples. Of this custom, we have a curious example in a tablet dating from about B.C. 2120. In this tablet we have a deed of partnership, which was arranged and ratified before the Judges in the temple of the Sun god, in the city of Larsa, in Southern Chaldea, and in which we meet with the following exposition of brotherly love : —
" Brother from brother should not turn away — should not be
angry over any matter ; a brother to his brother should
converse ; any thing in to he should not possess."
I have never seen the word demesne before, it comes from Old French, and apparently its pronounced like demain, in English we would pronounce it domain. Like this is my domain, crown lands in France were also known as 'domaine royal'. In Latin it was 'dominus', and it means Lord, Master, or Householder. [3]

"In English common law, the term ancient demesne, related to the lands that were owned by the crown at the time of the Domesday book. Since the demesne surrounded the principal seat of the lord, it came to be loosely used of any proprietary territory: "the works of Shakespeare are this scholar's demesne."[3]

There is an incredibly powerful message there, for those that have the eyes to see it and the heart to understand. 

I have known for a few years how important the new holy city is to the LORD God, the city of enlightenment that Prophet Isaiah predicted.  I am also aware that in the prophecies for this timeline, he asks 'Where is the house that you will build for me?'. If people would like the protection of the LORD God, then they simply have to do his will in this timeline. 

Humanity simply do not have any choice in the matter. He is not asking for a temple or worship, as the book of Revelation also confirms at the end when it speaks of New Jerusalem. He as chosen the mountain, land, the place, its colors, design and architects. His foundation of love is in place, he loves the place that he as chosen for the house, it is simply a paradise. 

This is what the LORD says: “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. Where is the house you will build for me? Where will my resting place be? Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” declares the LORD. Isa 66:1-2

Before starting to write this post the LORD said 'ASAN.' Its a long time since he as said ASAN to me. 

Asan means 'SEAT' and there is also a yoga position called Asan. Yoga is also about the union with the sacred. In addition in Indian philosophy, Asan can also mean a single hand posture with open palm and meditation. As you can see there is also the palm of the hand on this blog, and he said 'This must be your avatar'. The hand that gave you the meditation, for the healing of the people to enable the sacred union with the divine to come to be. 





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Eliakim said...

Since Koimala's reign, the Maldive throne was also known as the Singaasana (Lion Throne). Before then and in some situations since, it was also known as the Saridhaaleys (Ivory Throne).