Friday, 9 September 2011


This evening the LORD is talking about Estefan, Gloria Estefan is known as 'Queen of Latin Pop' and she is blessed to have sold 100 million albums worldwide.

Estefan means 'crown' or 'garland', it comes from the Greek and Spanish. We mentioned the garland in the previous post that mentioned the Isaiah 61 prophecy. Estefan reminds me of Queen Ester who saved her people.

Gloria's family originated from Spain before becoming Cuban's. It is written that Gloria lives on 'Star Island', Miami Beach, Florida. Star island is an oval-shaped artificial island in Biscayne Bay and there are 35 home sites there. The Island of the rich and famous.

So what as been going on there? The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church had a base there in the 70's. Due to its support of cannabis it flourished and the Rastafari movement with it. The group have been convicted of drug smuggling from Jamaica to Miami. These people are nothing to do with the Coptic Church of Greece and the Middle East.

The Rastafari movement have worked hard to obtain legal status for cannabis, and we have already shared that in Bhutan only pigs like cannabis.  If it made people less violent it might be a different matter. However, the evidence is that isn't the case, and violence as increased since the drug became common place not decrease. As I was writing about the cannabis and crimes of Miami, the LORD God said 'its a techno', in other words its 'electronic' and its the metal cans that are consumed by it. Electrifying with a substance, instead of finding the love within. The element of Metal amplified by electronic means, instead of rising naturally with healing in their rays.

Only when the cans are pulled out from the base of the pyramid, does the pyramid collapse. Narcotic substances are also taken from Indian hemp and what does it do? Numbs the pain. If people cannot feel their pain then they cannot heal it. If they do not heal it, then they do not break the never ending karmic cycles. In my experience, long term users find it very hard to break free from their addiction, and their dependency upon it. For the young, it can also lead to much stronger drugs that literally kill them.

Cannabis is a medicinal plant for people like MS patients, it is not and never was for recreational use. The medicinal plant was meant for people with serious diseases to help them by giving them some relief. Hence, why it was indigenous to specific nations that encounter specific diseases. Cannabis is not a cure for what ails humanity, and it is very important that people get their priorities right in this timeline.

Can you put the children first? Can you turn your hearts to the children?




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