Tuesday, 27 September 2011


On the 9th of September 2011, the LORD God said 'ESTEFAN', and it means crowned.

On the 26th of September 2011, there as been a mystery explosion at a house at "ESTEBAN' in Argentina. However, some reports state the 25th, so we have to verify the date if we can.

Esteban also means 'CROWNED'.

This is the second house explosion to be reported in the last week. [2]

The first one was in North London a few days ago and that happened at 1.am, this explosion happened at 2.am[3]

A neighbor in Esteban said that a ball of burning fire came from heaven. Apparently, NASA caught an image of the ball of fire.

In 2001 while in Egypt I was given a bunny rabbit and this is the year of the rabbit. At that time the message that I was given was 'Crowned in the Fall'. I shared that message with you on this blog a few times, when we were writing about Egypt and the uprising. The Egyptian uprising was also a biblical prophecy and the prophecy states that it will be a testimony for Joseph.

One woman as died in this explosion and nine were injured. The bible also predicted fire would come from the sky. The fire and billows of smoke is mentioned in Joel 2:

Estefan is in Buenos Aires, in 2010, I was told that a person would come from Buenos Aires to help me.

In March 2009, we also received a vision of a fire ball. [5]


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