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Paradigm 'Logic' Police

It as been time to talk about 'logic' and many different views of it from different people down the ages. How even the concept of 'logic' and its definition can differ dependent on what culture, society or philosophy one is coming from. Of course that is also impacted upon by your state of being. 

There was an appointment yesterday morning in Athens at 9.00am, another gateway opening. It was to do with Aristotle, Science and Mathematics, that is the next level of the recent Luxor gateway opening that began at the beginning of September, it was called 'breaking the metal mould' and it linked in with what the LORD God said about the vulcanics of humanity. 

The discussion on logic came about due to the accusation of 'illogical', so let us begin. It was Aristotle that promoted his philosophy on 'logic' and it is written that it was widely accepted in science, mathematics and by philosophers. People tend to make the claim of 'illogical', because it is used as a tool, part of argumentation theory, argumentation that is used in artificial intelligence and legal arguments. 

In actual fact, the word 'illogical' relates to past life conditions, connected to life conditions that people did not understand. There are some conditions in life, that the heart of intelligence as difficulty in understanding, especially if it involves tragedy and wars that is deemed to be unnecessary. This is also the year 2011-2012 to heal  the word 'tragedy' in human consciousness. 

In 325BC, the logic of the Chinese was that one and one does not make two, because neither becomes two. In the mid 20th century researchers, were looking at human knowledge being expressed using logic with mathematical notation, so that it could be possible to create a MACHINE that reasons, or artificial intelligence. 

As such at that time, systems were put in place, to systemize how the people think, act and move. 
Hence, why everything to do with academic psychology and governments is to do with statistics and statistical outcomes. 

Like designing the software for the computer that was coming to be. People were being designed by governments the same way. The way of governments is far removed from the intelligent design of the Creator. The drugs from the medical profession impact on the natural pendulum and reason for being. 
What governments and their academics have done, as co-created extensive disease amongst the people that ensures that people perish in more ways than one. 

Different software for different machines, to do different things on command. With the press of a button, governments were able to create a reality that they deemed was appropriate for their form of logic and intention. 

Basically, people were formulated into machines to carry out different tasks in a robotic way based upon logic. This appealed to academic mindsets, that like to think they are the ultimate educators of humanity. And that once the new machines were ready, all that they had to do was input new software.  

In so doing, the academic educators put themselves and their puppet masters above the law of the 
LORD God and his spiritual law that creates harmony and balance. 

Hilary Putnam, wrote that there was a compelling case for abandoning the classic principles of logic due to Quantum mechanics, physical phenomena described by quantum theory. Sir Michael Dummett posed the question, "Is logic empirical?" can be seen to lead naturally into the fundamental controversy in metaphysics on realism versus anti-realism.

Its also true to say that logic that as been imparted to the people by academics relies on 'skepticism', 'doubt', and 'rejection' and that is the opposite to what Christ taught. He taught people to have no doubt in their hearts and to embrace your brothers and sisters with love. Humanity embraced, the logic of skepticism that polluted their minds and hearts, that simply left them with 'belief' that impacts on their own biology. 

That co-created people that stand in the way of the pearls of wisdom and their understanding of it; due to their conditioning into becoming a vulcanic machine that can combust and perish at anytime. Just like the planes and rockets coming down in the flames recently. 

Scientists have also proven that skepticism is a pathological disease. Pathological science is a process where people are 'tricked into false results by subjective effects'. A perfect example of that is how the liberals have infected the world with their computer virus of logic against Israel. The Liberals, their communist and Islamic bed mates; etched out a plan to eliminate Israel systematically. The bible warned those that plot their plans on their beds. 

The Paradigm Police that gives others no right to exist and at the same time, they embrace the promotion of ideology that contaminates multi-dimensional realities. The paradigm police that stands against everything that is sacred. 

Obama is in the lead of it and has been for most of his life. They're now calling him the president of the world, no less. So the Virgin responds again to the man of lawlessness, its no surprise to see the Bishops standing up to Obama, they should have done it prior to his election not complain afterwards. We gave the people plenty of warning of what would happen if they refused to listen to wisdom. 

Even the leader of the Nation of Islam, who hailed Obama the Messiah, now admits he is the man of perdition that is mentioned in the bible. Why? His life is now at stake because he called Obama out for his war against Libya. We warned the people earlier this year 'They will bite the hands that feed them'. 

Obama is a lawyer and so was Gandhi and Mandela. None of them were healers of humanity and the children. 

Not only does Obama promote realities that contaminate, his paradigm police, also stand against wisdom and the truth movement that was ordained to come to be in this timeline. While the US government and the Obama supporters are doing their utmost to stop the truth getting to the world, the divine support the truth movement. There is a saying Obama and Liberals, if you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen because the cook is cooking. 

Professor Brian D. Josephson wrote a paper called 'Pathological Disbelief' and it is well worth a read. [1] [2] Obama and the Liberals, support an Islamic ideology that gives others no right to exist, and never have they done so. Does it remind you of Nazi Germany and every other country that was destroyed due to the communists that stood in the way of truth being shared? Those that stand in the way of the Spirit of Truth are co-creators of cultural genocide. 

It just proves that Nietzsche was correct. Friedrich Nietzsche clearly understood what scientists have discovered. He stated that mans 'logic' came out of mans head, out of illogic. He also claimed that logic does not support the existence of truth and nor does it have a reality beyond the instrumental. He said that logic rests upon assumptions that do not correspond to the real world. 

Indeed, it is amazing how many people make assumptions and that is one of the first things for people to release on the spiritual path home to the sacred. Why? Assumptions relate to perceptions of reality and perceptions are an illusion that have no basis in reality. How can anyone know Israel or Israeli's, if they have never walked on the land? They can't. 

Nietzsche also gave this analogy for those that promoted 'logics', "coins which have lost their pictures and now matter only as metal, no longer as coins". In other words, they have no true value to humanity due to their metal energy that is melted down by the bankers in a systematic process of 'boom' and 'collapse'. Just like the twin towers on 9/11. Who benefits from 'boom' and 'crash',? The bankers, shareholders and stake holders in the status quo. 

Hence why the LORD God said 'Tell them you have come to reboot humanity, they will understand that'. At the time I viewed his words to do with computers. However, in recent days I have viewed it on a different level. 

When humanity were conditioned to behave in a certain way by the communists and the liberals, they took off their boots and put on their soft shoes. The people became a soft touch, soft leather, that stopped kicking the oppressors of the people out of their reality. 

Those in positions of academic power to help the grass roots, were so busy discussing logic, and writing logical papers to impress their academic peers and political masters. They missed the reason for being on the planet in the first place. In my experience, the more that people heal themselves, the more they come to know what their reason for being is. Healing also enables people to move beyond perception, assumption and religious doctrine. 

How can we ask humanity to heal itself, if academic educators are not willing to do it? 

The time of governments and academics do as I say, not what I do is over. Its finished. 

In this reality, I ask of others what I have been willing to do myself, and that is healing that enables people to reach their sacred potential. 

The word religion does not exist in biblical Hebrew, and nor is the word mentioned in the Qu'ran. Even India is a mass of spirituality, it was the British colonial academic mindsets that forced them to have a name of a religion to encompass it. What would the British colonials do without their form of logic that confines the people into the box of religion? 

The conditioning that took place as resulted in the separation of the peoples, the divisions that support the never ending status quo, and that metal mould will be broken. 

To those of us that were born free spirits and were given the divine right to be so, lead the way, lead the people out of the energy of vulcanics that as created the wars of the peoples and religions. 

After this post was finished, the LORD God said "EL'. The word means 'Might, strength, power'. In other words he is giving his approval of what as been written. 




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