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LORD God said 'UREA'

Well today as been a strange day and the LORD God was correct, Christians are getting very worried now. My day began watching a great documentary and writing about it to some of our contacts with some other info and links. After that I had to reply to emails and one in-depth to Australia.

Following that I popped into a forum responded to a few posts, made a post on wisdom -v- the foolish virgins, then left. Then immediately afterwards, the LORD God said UREA.....and there is a Christian Science post that mentions it. The post is written by a Rikki Watts from the Regent College and its called 'Making Sense of Genesis 1'.

The UREA was the head of cobra that was worn upon the crowns of the Egyptian Pharaoh's and we do seem to attract the Obama supporters. The link also mentions that the first sign of Moses, of the transformation of his judicial staff and symbol of authority, was when it turned into a serpent that swallows Pharaoh's magicians. My view is that the staff of Moses wasn't a simple serpent, it turned into a cobra of a king, to match the king and his magicians that was oppressing the people.

However, as we know the serpent is an important symbol in medicine, it relates to health and healing. Modern day, the term 'magicians' in this context relate to the Pharaoh are those that support the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies. e.g. the corporations.

Those that stand with ELIAKIM Joseph-Sophia support holistic health and healing. The natural spiritual paradigm standing against the oppressors of the people.

In addition, this Joseph knows the true Christ teachings that relate to health and healing in its multi-dimensional realities, and how it relates to the science of being. Now being proven by cutting edge science.

Another interesting aspect, in the Dead Sea Scrolls translated by the renowned Dead Sea Scrolls biblical scholar, Geza Vermes. The Dead Sea Scrolls predicted that the Sons of Light -v- Sons of Darkness are equally matched, and it is only when the Sons of Light choose to stand with the LORD God's Messiah, combined with the divine intervention, that the tide then turns against the Son of Lawlessness and the Sons of Darkness that stand with him.

The Pharaoh's Urea-led (Egyptian) armies were engulfed by the unrestrained sea. It mentions how the LORD God "wraps himself in light as a garment; he stretches out the heavens like a tent" Isaiah 24:18 It is at this point that the windows of heaven are opened up and foundations of the land tremble'. Job 38:4

It was a couple of years ago now that the LORD God told me that I would give judgment in a Tipi and last year a man shared a wonderful photograph of a tent seen in the sky, it had been formed by the clouds and I did tell him at the time that it was a sign. It surely was a sign for him that judgement had begun in his country, the USA.


In the book of Exodus, the tent pegs of the tabernacle are made of bronze and this means he as strong spiritual people to keep the tent in place. Prophet Zechariah gave a prophecy in chapter 10, that from them will come the cornerstone, from him the tent peg and battle bow. From him every ruler. Judah means, thanks, praise and gratitude. The people that truly come in the LORD's name, put the horsemen of the enemy to shame. Indeed we do.

The cornerstone that I like to call the copestone is spiritual independence. In fact one could call it the 'hope stone'. Hence, why Michelangelo put the woman that came from Jesse in an arch frame with healing symbology. The fresco sits in the Vatican.

He then mentions the house of Judah and how he will save the tribes of (Messiah) Joseph. In a different translation he saves the house of Joseph as well as Judah. Judah was the Southern Kingdom and the South is the direction of the prophets. Hence, why Christ called her the Queen of the South and his words can be found in the book of Luke. He speaks of the judgement of this generation when she comes, and he told Israel that the only sign that they would be given to do with the judgement would be the sign of Jonah. The whale arrived in Israel in May 2010.

Sophia is also to do with wisdom and Rev 13 tells the people this calls for WISDOM. It is also written that wisdom is proven right by her actions.

The prophecy of Zechariah predicts that he will restore the people of JUDAH and JOSEPH and have compassion upon them. Why does he have compassion for them? They have compassion themselves, and they took compassionate action to help his people and Israel.

The LORD would give them a signal and than redeem them. The question is this; as the signal been given? Was it the harmonic concordance in 2003? Or will it be when Obama is defeated? What would have been the signal for Egypt? The prophecy tells you that the sceptre is removed from Egypt. That then aligns with the biblical prophecy about the recent uprising in Egypt (2011) being the LORD's testimony for Joseph.

The LORD God also called Obama the Pharaoh in November 2008 and showed that he would attack Pakistan Chinese New Year. The information was shared with a Muslim doctor from Pakistan at the time. I telephoned her to let her know in advance.

Those that are destined to come, originate from Egypt, Assyria and Lebanon, they pass through the sea of trouble and the sea will be subdued. In the prophecy it looks like they're going to Lebanon. However, the Hebrew Lexicon tells us that the word for Lebanon means "whiteness".

As we know most of the Coptic Assyrians, Egyptians and Lebanese were driven out of their own countries and scattered in English speaking Christian nations. Mainly the UK,  USA and Australia. In Egypt, Assyria and Lebanon we also find the Druze and the Druze prophet was also called Hakim, it means wise. When I met with a Druze priest in Israel in 2006,  we asked him if it was time for the world to know the truth, and he confirmed that the time was close.

So you can understand the prophecy and the fact that, the cornerstone came from Judah. In this video an African American man is asking people to help him find the Queen Sophia of England. His information isn't completely correct. However, it does show that he is tracking and being guided to look in England for her. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMR_XL7tFvA

In the prophecy it also mentions a place called 'Gilead' and the Hebrew Lexicon states that it means 'Rock region'. They're going to the mountains. My people are going to the mountains and the prophecy states that they will become numerous like they were before. Before what? Before their people and ancestors were murdered by Arafat's men and the Muslim brotherhood.

The place name Gilead is also associated with Prophet Elijah and JORDAN, of course the name of my son is Jordan. With Joseph, it is to do with the healing balm called Gilead and it is for healing skin disease. Gilead is the name of a Balsam popular that can also be found in North America.

The chapter finishes with the LORD strengthening them, and in his name they will live securely. This prophecy indicated that he would bring them from many nations. It predicts that they will be a united force. It mentions a place where they shall live, is this the new city of enlightenment mentioned by Prophet Isaiah? Its fascinating to watch the divine plan unfold.

Compassion beyond measure


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