Wednesday, 7 September 2011

HaShem Rosh HaShanah

In the 'Sonnet to God' due to the current dilemma that the world faces, I asked the LORD God a question and he replied.

Why does it have to be about me? Why can it not be about everyone? Why do I have to be the key, so that they can see and be free?

He replied "You are SHE and 'You shall be', 'You shall set them free'. "They judged you instead of hold your hand, now they are buried in the sand with the metal cans. They will always remember the palm of your hand that was open to help them". 

The Jewish sages mention 'Our Matriarch' (of the Jewish people)  as Rachel, the mother of Joseph. They quote a passage from Jeremiah. 

So says God: "Keep your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears; for there is reward for your effort, says God; and they shall return from the land of the enemy. And there is hope for your future, says God, and the children shall return to their border."
We recite this prophecy as the Haftorah of the second day of Rosh HaShanah.[1] 

What do borders mean to me? They mean boundaries. The children and their boundaries, that parents and governments cross without consent from the children. 

Child labour is a perfect example of children's boundaries that are crossed when they're forced against their will to work for adults. Children that are forced to learn if and when they do not wish too. Children learn when they are ready to learn, just like the spiritual journey. 

Children that are force fed with food or religious practice. Food is the only weapon that a baby as to let parents know, that they have overstepped their boundaries. 

You have to remember many of these babies incarnating are wise souls with great wisdom, just because the souls are in the body of a baby, does not make them subservient to the will of their guardians. 

Rosh HaShanah, the 'Day of Remembrance'. They also say that it was the very day of Rosh HaShanah that Joseph was released from prison and appointed viceroy of Egypt. It is Joseph that is the spiritual representative of the exiled tribes of Israel. However, as Israel means 'Struggle with God',  Israel is also a place of exile in my humble view, because there is no such thing as exile when you are united with God. 

You can be anywhere in the world, and still be united with him, it is not determined by land or place, it is a state of being. 

Zechariah chapter 10 is clear about the indigenous people that will be gathered, and they will include the spiritual Copts and the Druze for his divine purpose and divine plan. 

The Jewish sages report that the gematria value of 'mother' is the same value as the 'Holy Temple', for it is the mother that is symbolic of the home, and it is SHE that creates the holy sanctuary for her family. 

They also mention the redemption of Joseph and two years. There were two missions to Israel, May 2006 and for Rosh HaShannah in 2007, to embed the everlasting covenant for the children mentioned by Prophet Isaiah. 

It is stated that in the Zohar, it mentions appearances, and that 'He who is small is great'. We covered this in further detail on our other blog, it includes the biblical prophecies and we explained the little Lotus Feet of Messiah Joseph. The one that was small enough to walk amongst the people, for forty years they did not know that she was there. 

She even entered Israel twice without any fuss, arriving, doing what had to be done and then leaving. On my return friends said you must tell the national press.  My response was goodness gracious me, I have not done what I have done for the media or myself, I did it all for the love of God. 

So what does Rosh HaShanah mean to me? It means children, the divine child and putting children first. 

In the above it mentions the holy sanctuary, so it requires no explanation, why the LORD God gave a  woman his divine plan, for the creation of his holy city of enlightenment mentioned by Prophet Isaiah. 

In the book of Revelation it is called New Jerusalem, and in some of the OT texts it is simply called Jerusalem. However, his holy city will not be built in Israel, he as a much bigger divine plan. 

Remember in the prophecy of Isaiah he asked 'Who will build the house for me?". He did not ask for a Jewish or Indian temple, a Christian church or an Islamic mosque. 

He simply asked for a house, an ecological, self-sustainable healing home. 

The LORD God is saying 'HaShem'. 

May his will be done. 



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Eliakim said...

Rosh HaShanah this year comes on September 28-30 and that is the following:

28th = Heartbreaker
29th = Reaction
30th = Glaring truth

Heartbreaker, reaction, glaring truth does not bode well for the end of September for Israel.