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On the 20th March 2011 we made a post called 'Humanity in the Labyrinth'. The post began with the following:

20 is the number of judgement and the 20th of March is the 'Day of Labyrinth'. After I made a coffee Abba gave me the title of the song 'STAYIN ALIVE' by the Bee Gees. Basically, he is telling humanity that they are going nowhere due to their lack of help. The song combined with the day shows us that humanity are going around in never ending circles, because they do not know how to break the cycles. [1]

GEES is to with money. A Gee is known as $1,000 dollars or £1,000. 1,000, is also to do with the spiritual law and Messiah Joseph in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

Now there is Africanized killer bees killing 1,000 pound pigs and they are attacking people to the extent that people are being hospitalized. Four people in this four year. 

One report from one US farmer said that the 'Bees have gone insane'. You can say that again, the Bees are responding to their environment. African Bees are not meant to be in the USA, it is not their natural environment, nor are they meant to be in Brazil. 

Different lands have different species and frequencies for divine purpose. People are not meant to interfere with the eco-system of the planet. These bees were imported to Brazil to increase honey production, prior to that they imported European bees. They did not adapt to the tropical climate, as such they did not produce the yield that the farmers were looking for. 

What does that tell you about the Bees? If Brazil did not have enough Bees to make honey to make it commercially viable, then you should not be selling honey. Simple as that. You have to work in harmony with the natural environment and its natural resources. You don't invade your natural environment with the species and insects of other nations, because it does have a knock on effect, its called the spiritual law of cause and effect. 

It is telling the people of Brazil that is not what the Bees were meant for. African Bees were first imported to Brazil in 1957, the scientists state they were found to be extremely aggressive. Do they behave the same way in Africa?

So what did they do? 

Geneticist Warwick Kerr experimented with cross-breeding the two varieties, hoping to create a new hybrid bee that would be both docile and productive. Kerr tried to contain the African queens
from escaping into the wild, but in 1957, 26 queens and many of their hybrid offspring swarmed into the wild and out of control, 
hurting beekeeping interests and their beneficiaries from Argentina to the southern United States. As the swarms approached and later crossed the US-Mexico border in 1990, federal and state agencies have responded with regulatory measures designed to check the AHBs'
progress and to protect American beekeeping and agriculture.

Interesting that it was the Queens and number 26. 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. So what happened, you imported bees from Africa, then 26 escape, that was a direct message from the Creator. 
That happened three years after the Queen arrived on the planet. 

1,000 pound pigs have died, and Ron Paul was born in the Chinese Year of the Pig/Boar, pigs are also to do with the drug takers, pharmaceutical industry and its scientists. 

I really wonder sometimes whether humanity and its scientists have any common sense at all. You are not meant to cross breed the species of insects, nor plants, or or anything else that is part of the eco-system of the planet. They all have a job to do in their own lands. That is why they're put there. You are not meant to import or export animals from one land to another, dead or alive. 

In the same way, you are not meant to clone anything at all, humanity will pay a very high for what they have allowed the scientists to do under their noses. So it looks like its a 1,000 gees for every exporter and scientist, that as been involved with the Bees and any other aspects of changing the natural creation of the world. Now the scientists will pay for what they have done, because there is no escaping the spiritual law of creation for those that transgress it. 

In 2004, they also found a virus in bees imported from Australia to the USA. 

"A newly discovered virus may be killing bees or may be making some bees vulnerable enough to disappear, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday. While the virus probably does not alone account for what scientists call colony collapse disorder, or CCD, it could help explain what is happening to bees across the United States, they said. The virus, called Israeli acute paralysis virus, or IAPV, was discovered in Israel in 2004 and is new to science."

So they're now making plants that self-pollinate. 



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