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Well we've had dogs, orthodox Christians, USA, Syria, Scientists, and now there is an appointment for a gateway opening in Egypt on the 1st of October, 2011. Believe it or not, it is the 'Day of Top Dog'.

Egypt as to be top dog in the Middle East, in respect of its dedication and honor of its antiquity. In ancient times its honor of ancient wisdom, science, mathematics and philosophy. Its Alexandrian Library that stood in the way of the plans of the Italians and the Arabs.

In ancient times, Egypt embraced people from many different cultures and philosophies, and in so doing it enabled the greatest library of antiquity for humanity, that as ever been known to man. At that time, Egypt must have gained from it tremendously. Especially when Greece moved their mathematics and scientific library from Athens to Alexandria.

Men of renown went to study there and share for the benefit of their people. Academics, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, mystics and healers from many nations. United in their thirst to understand and know the cosmos including God.

Hamas has done its best to be 'Top Dog' in the middle east, stating that Egypt and Tunisa have given us back our lives. Excuse me, the uprising in Egypt was pre-ordained it was a Jewish biblical prophecy that the uprising would happen; as a testimony for Joseph in this timeline. Nothing to do with Hamas or for Hamas, biblical prophecy states it was the will of the LORD.

Public domain social websites state Egypt is 'Top Dog' amongst the Islamic countries. I say countries because as far as I am concerned, an Arab world does not exist, and never did it ever exist. In fact, Egypt had its own language and it certainly wasn't Arabic. Egyptians like to be Egyptians and if and when Arabs attempt to come between Egypt and its sacred land, I know that the Arabs will lose, so best you don't push your luck.

The antiquity, its historic evolution, and modern beach tourism is the lifeblood of Egypt. If anyone tries to take that away, then its bankrupt without Western finance to prop it up.

Egyptians liked their dogs, some were buried in family tombs and some were even mummified. It is written that Socrates referred to Anubis when he swore by the dog of Egypt. [3] Author David Lawson, wrote of Anubis in terms related to his healing qualities of being the rescuer, working with the unconscious and leading the blind. As we know the dog can be man's best friend, and naturally likes to love man and ladies too. The qualities of Anubis are emotive, and align strongly with the emotional sign of pisces.

Dogs are also wonderful healers and love to take part on healing training courses. Most people are not aware that their animals soak up all their energy, it truly is a marriage energetically, for better for worse, in sickness and in health. Do dogs have souls? Yes. Do they have an afterlife? In my experience, Yes, their spirit does live on.

I am feeling a great connection here between the animals and people. Important messages, and scientific breakthroughs with this opening. There are also two words in this article that the LORD God mentioned previously. 'Labyrinth' and 'Catacomb'. The Labyrinth was to do with humanity and the catacomb was to do with the politicians. 8 million dogs is a lot of dogs, did they keep them due to their unconditional love and healing qualities?

In March, 2011, An ancient labyrinth of sacred tunnels containing millions of mummified dogs has been excavated under the Egyptian desert.
The Dog Catacomb at Saqqara was discovered in 1897, but has never been properly examined.
Some eight million animals, mostly young dogs or jackals, were buried after being killed and mummified in honour of the dog-headed god Anubis.
Dr Paul Nicholson, of the Cardiff University excavation team, said: “The dedication of an animal mummy was regarded as a pious act.”
It is written that the top dog in Egypt is called the ARMANT and its the Egyptian Sheepdog,  the second is the greyhound.. There was also an ancient city called 'Armant'. The dog looks adorable and as we know, the sheepdog likes to work and herd the sheep. [5]

With the Muslim Brotherhood planning to boycott the forthcoming elections in Egypt, it could be an interesting few weeks as far as Egypt is concerned. We did state at the start of the year, that it was not going to be an easy transition into democracy. I did not feel that it would settle down for a year. A bit like a puppy really with a new home, it requires training and discipline before it settles into the family way of life. 
So let's look at the numbers and gematria of the date. 1st is clearly ONE, and number one is very physical, much like the sheepdog and greyhound. The number is also ruled by the SUN in the sign of LEO. As Obama is a Leo and Leo's love drama, you can guarantee he is involved trying to control the puppy. Ten month, new cycle of time. The old regimes just won't do this month, the people are ready for the new, not a repeat of the old. Four year in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, and greyhounds in England like to chase rabbits. 
Can the USA and the UK keep their noses out? Unlikely, far too much invested financially. 
Its a 1104 date and that is the Jewish gematria of 'Julian Assange', he did say that he as something to share with us on Cairo. Its also the gematria of 'Her Divine Hagia Sophia', 'Choose Vision', 'The God of Love IS'. 
In English gematria it is 'The Holy Spirit', 'Destroy it not', 'Nothing but love', 'Without Blemish', 'Join the Colors', 'Follow the Signs', 'Rainbow Warrior', 'Sun in Aquarius', 'Operation Rescue'. [6]
Of course I have selected the best because I like to be as positive as possible. 
Let's intent lots of positive loving energy to Egypt in the coming days. I have a real sense that the Anubis energy is to protect the antiquity that still exists; and that there is still a lot more treasure to be given if Egypt makes the right choices. 









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Eliakim said...

(Reuters) - Christians clashed with military police, leaving at least 24 people dead in Cairo, and the cabinet called an emergency meeting for Monday, vowing the violence would not derail Egypt's first election since Hosni Mubarak was toppled.

Christians protesting about an attack on a church set cars on fire, burned army vehicles and hurled rocks at military police who they said used heavy-handed tactics against them. It was some of the worst violence since the February uprising.

The violence casts a shadow over the imminent parliamentary election. Voting starts on November 28 with candidates due to begin registering during the week starting Wednesday.

The clashes also added to growing frustration among activists with the army who many Egyptians suspect wants to keep hold of the reins of power from behind the scenes even as it hands over day-to-day government. The army denies this.

"This is a dark day in the military's history. This is betrayal, a conspiracy, murder," Magdy el-Serafy wrote on Twitter where he and other Egyptians voiced frustration at the army's handling of the protest.