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Rev 12 Clarification

Revelation 12 requires more clarification and the reasons why the chapter is not about Israel specifically.

Let us look at the criteria for the prophecy:

1. First sign appeared in heaven: The wondrous woman from heaven with the moon under her feet appears as a sign for the nations. She is about to give birth.

At that time (November 2003) there was also the sign of the Harmonic Concordance when the planets created the Star of David. This celebration was celebrated by the spiritually elect and the angels all over the globe. The Star of David, is also the sign of the 'Son of 'Man' and the term son of man is a term of endearment for a prophet. Hence, why Daniel and Ezekiel was also called Son of Man.

2. Second sign appeared in heaven: The Red Dragon that is symbolic of satan is the adversary of the holy woman. The Red Dragon is said to have seven heads and ten horns and we already shared that in other scripture the horns relate to blasphemy and blasphemous names. HaSatan is the accuser of the holy and the blasphemous names can relate to 'name calling' that the accuser calls others.

The word blasphemy can be found in ancient Greek, it is to do with those that do their utmost to injure the reputation of the holy ones. 

3. In the timeline the woman gives birth to a child, it isn't a child in a physical sense because the child is taken up and no child dies in the text. She is giving birth to a new reality.

4. The name Michael is given so he is an important part of the scene of the story that is taking place.

5. The battle takes place and there are two sides. There is Michael and his Angels, and there is the Red Dragon and his. At the time of the battle taking place and where it took place. Michael was running a healing forum where I was sharing divine teachings, including those from Archangel Michael.

Michael was also the brother of the couple that owned the heavenly place where the battle took place. So it goes without saying that Michael and his Angels were with me. I was, and still am a client of Michael.

6. 12:10 the word Theos is translated as God when in fact it means a god or goddess. There is a difference between God and god, in mystical Judaism there is a difference between vast face and small face. 

Theos in Greek can also mean Holy Spirit and the Dead Sea Scrolls speaks of Holy Spirits plural, in the same way as it speaks of Sons of God in plural. These were teachings that were buried and why the Son of God came to bring them back 2,000 years. ago. 

Hence, the bible tells you that he came to bring back what had been lost. The word 'lost' is also related to the healing philosophy of the shamans, and is to do with redeeming souls. I was also sharing the Christ teachings on that at the time and have done ever since. 

Now that passage is important because it mentions the Red Dragon was the accuser of the 'Brethen'. The word 'Brethen' also relates to the prophet that was promised to Moses. Moses was told that the one to come would come from his 'brethen'. In other words they would have Jewish blood running in their veins, and prophet Isaiah predicted that they would come from the Galilee of the Gentiles and that is where I would be found.

Galilee means circuit, and Michael and his family in the UK ran a circuit of spiritual shows for the healers and spiritual people. In fact, they still do, they run major shows in the UK.

7. Blood of the Lamb. Blood relates to life, the lamb is symbolic of a tender hearted soul. The wondrous woman from heaven was sharing life experience and how to overcome. In addition to divine teachings, that is why it mentions salvation. She was sharing the meaning of salvation with the healing Angels and spiritual people. At that time she also had a website that was dedicated to her mission of compassion with the children. The website was called 'Angels Healing Trust' and it had its own forum. I do have some hard copies printed out from it as proof, although there are thousands of witnesses.

It was while Angels Healing Trust was in existence, that the woman received recognition from NGO's in the USA.

8. The Testimony, the chapter also mentions the testimony that the lamb was giving. it states that they did not love their life, even when they were faced with death. I for one was threatened many times by the Angels that were working with the Red Dragon. During that time there was also the death of my mother, and men even threatened to kill me numerous times.

It then tells you that the Red Dragon only has a short time and that he was sent to the earth and the sea. In fact, the man was sent to live in a different part of the country, and as far as I am aware it is close to the sea. However, you have to understand that the red dragon is not just one entity, it is the entity of the accuser of all that is sacred and holy. 

Rev 12 is just one example of the manifestation of the accuser and how it behaves. In Christian belief hasatan is the rebellious angel, that refuses to surrender to the will of the LORD God, as such it stands against his will.

9. Persecution, the Red Dragon wasn't happy that he had been thrown down, so he persecuted the woman that had given birth to the child. There were witnesses to what happened, and at the time the healing angels that stood with Michael and I, could not understand what was going on. One man begged me to tell the angels what had happened behind the scenes, so that the rest could understand.

10. Wings of a Great Eagle, she was teaching souls how to teach their souls to fly divine at that time. It tells you that she went to her place. I did spend a lot of time at my own forum with the healing angels at that time. In other words, I was in my own heavenly space of Angels Healing Trust.

11. The dragon then poured out of his mouth as much as he could, but he could not sweep her away because other people from the earthly realm came to help her. The text tells you that he then went off to make war with the rest of her children. Who were her children? The healing angels and mystics who she had been defending from their accusers. In mystical Judaism, they are the Angels of Elohim and Elohim means 'Angel, 'Judge', 'Powers'.

12. The woman was also defending the healing angels and young mystics from what the red dragon was sharing and his background is well known. It relates to the teachings of Jezebel from the USA that is mentioned in Rev 2. Those teachings also came from Theosophy, the Red Dragon promoted the teachings of Helena Blavatsky who was born in the Ukraine, Russia. That is why he was called the Red Dragon in the text in Rev 12, in my humble view.

13. In the teachings of the Red Dragon at that time, there is only one Messenger, as such he stood against this Messenger that did not belong to his belief system that originated with Blavatsky. He was defending his system of belief and was not giving testimony, of his own divine experience like the woman from heaven was.

Jezebel mentioned in Rev 2, was Elizabeth Claire Prophet, (USA) the woman that called herself Prophet. The text tells you that she was put upon a bed of suffering and that is true. ECP mentioned in Rev 2 also relates to Rev 17 and Rev 18, that is also about the USA.

We have provided a full commentary on the prophecies about Jezebel. Of course the name Jezebel is also related to the Prophet Elijah on the OT and as you know Elijah stood against Jezebel and her followers in the name of his LORD God.

So it is natural that the true prophet of the LORD God would do the same again.

14. Timeline. The timeline of this came to be after the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003 when she was pregnant with the new reality that was coming to be. The meeting of the woman and the dragon wasn't only in the public domain. They also met in person twice. In January and February 2004.

The text also mentions an 1260 day timeline, and it was in December 2008, the Son of God told me that the 1260 days were over and that now we were moving into a higher gear. Within days we started this blog. He also asked me to read Micah 4 that is also related to me, it mentions my mission to Babylon in 2008, when I was sent to the USA.

While in the USA, the spiritual leaders were more interested in their belief system about ISIS, then they were to listening to why I had flown thousands of miles to help the USA. Of course, their belief system about ISIS also came from Theosophy and Helena Blavatsky, she wrote a book about Isis. The more that I have come to understand this reality in recent years, the more I am feeling that there as been a spiritual conspiracy to disempower the USA and its Christians, and that it began with the Russian Blavatsky.

Further evidence for the wondrous woman from heaven can be found in the Vatican, the fresco of ELIAKIM is holding the baby. See the picture at the base of our blog. 

In the text of Rev 12, the woman also as the moon under her feet, and the Red Dragon and his angels were also supporting Islam and its followers. During the war between Lebanon and Israel, in 2006, the angels of the red dragon stood against Israel and Israeli's. 

In the teachings of mystical Judaism, the adversary of the holy is sent to test their trustful loyalty to the LORD God, and my trustful loyalty to the LORD God and his Son is well documented. Nobody could take me off track or away from my divine purpose for being; to help the children of the world. Not even my own family could stop me from fulfilling what I have come to do.


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