Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WILDFIRES USA Connecting Dots

At 09.30am on the 7th of August, 2011, we made the 'Spain Temple Dog' post. [1] Prior to that I had popped into a forum and responded to a post regarding Spain and Muslims banning dogs. At this point in time there is no access to that website for me to give you the exact timing of our post. However, while I was responding to a person who was standing against the originator of the post. I could smell burning, I could smell smoke.

At that point in time I wrote that I could smell burning.

This evening I tried to access faith freedom and was not allowed access. A friend tried to access it and they were denied access as well. Basically, they have been taken down again, not the first time, they will be back again.

Then I tried to access the original place where I mentioned the smell that I had earlier today, no access.

So I then went to another place, and there is news now that there are wildfires in the USA and they are spreading. Apparently, in the past seven days Texas Forest Service has responded to 172 fires for 135,051 acres. 785 homes have been destroyed, 238 lost, total approximately 1,023.

An American that goes under the name of Trinity, name Lucas from Florida is intenting that other people burn. Time for Lucas to know that Lotus Feet is the Alpha and the Omega, Lotus Feet can calm the storms and put out the fires created by men. She is the waterfall created by the LORD God for his divine purpose of the Aquarian Age of the water bearer.

Nobody, shall be allowed to take the children out of the hands of the heavenly Father, not Lucas, Obama or Islam. Those that show no mercy, receive none, its all part of the spiritual law. Let it be known, that Lotus Feet stands against anyone that intents harm against another. Let it be known, we shall not stand for any nonsense in this timeline from anyone. Now, make peace with each other, make peace with yourselves, and let the waterfall flow to put out this fire.


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