Thursday, 15 September 2011


LOL, the British government is at it again. "One in four riot suspects had 10 previous offences' that say. However, it is important to look beyond appearances and as the journalists state the full facts are not yet known. Although Ken Clarke, who should have retired years ago, is quick to judge and make it public.

Was he in the court rooms? Of course not. Does it remind you of Rev 6, 4th Seal and a fourth? It does me.

So what does he have to say?

"Existing Criminals'
"Effective punishment'
"Lawless Looting"

Wait for it, 

"We can't just churn them through the system all the time and watch them ... come back as they're doing."

Well the government are admitting they're criminals, on the rampage, effecting punishment, they have to reform themselves from reoffending, because the people have had enough of their hardcore lawless looting of the people of this nation. 

The government even admit that they are 'churning them through the system'. When did people become milk for governments to churn into butter that can burn the flesh? You know what milk churns are made of don't you? Metal. Who drinks the milk? The babies. Best to give them breast milk, until they're ready for solids. 

Iain Duncan Smith talks as well and he uses the following: 

"Middle class majority"
"Drug dealers"
"Gang recruiters" 
"Distorted Morality" 
"Open invitation to steal" 

Well done Clarke and Smith, that sums you and the world governments up, precisely. 

Best you all resign immediately because you have shown the world that your systems are 'dysfunctional', 'unaware', 'violent', 'drug dealers', 'gang recruiters' 'money lenders' with a 'distorted morality' and 'fester' an 'open invitation to steal'. 

No surprise then that this posted at exactly 9/11. 

Bye bye Clarke and Smith you have been judged. 



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