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In the 'JAKIM WEEK', post we mentioned how in the Aramaic text of the book of Mark, it is written that the one known as Jesus Christ healed the child in my name, and on the cross he also called out for ELI. [1]

It is written that there was an ancient city known by the name of Kum in Persia. When the Arabs took over Persia the Arabs called it Qom. It was during the caliphate that Persia and the city of Kum fell to the invading Arab armies of Islam in 645AD.

By 1503, it became an important center of theology and pilgrimage in relation to Shia Islam.

Prior to the Islamic invasion of Persia, it is written that Persian dyers honored Christ as their patron, and they called their dye houses the 'shop of Christ'. This was written by Mr Henry Sikes, Professor of Oriental Languages at Cambridge. (1697). Sir John Chardin also spoke of a Persian legends concerning Christ's dispute with his school master about the alphabet, and his lengthening of the cedar board that Joseph (Mary's husband) sawed too short. [2] Does it remind you of going the extra mile?

The dying was to do with the different colors of the cloths that were used for healing, and Egypt was also well known for color healing in ancient times.

Come healers come, come Iran come, you can take back Kum and the Persian land from those that have oppressed the people of Persia, since the Arabs first invaded your country the cultural genocide began.

It is the divine will of the LORD God, that all of the mosques become healing domes for the children.

This will be their legacy, when the people surrender to their own souls, and transcend religious worship and religions that men co-created to control the people. Ultimately, the word religion does not exist in the Koran, nor does it exist in biblical Hebrew.

The righteous path is the healing path, it is also the path to enlightenment. In the bible it is also called the highway to holiness and prophet Isaiah taught ascension. The LORD God also said "Healing is the get out of jail card. Healing is the path to salvation and love is the way".

The LORD God calls for his healers to heal the nations and the children of the world. To break the never ending cycles of war and disease that it co-creates. There are 14 sections to this graphic, and 14 is the number of challenge, you are being challenged to move beyond your current comprehensions of reality.

On the inner there is seven spokes, seven is to with the karmic law in the bible. It is also the number that relates to forgiveness in the Christ teachings. It is the life number of the spiritual teacher. In Hebrew gematria it is the value of the ZAYIN and woman of valor. In Greek and Arabic the ZAN became the letter Z. In the ancient pictographs it is the symbol of what is described by Jeff Benner (Ancient Hebrew Lexicon) as a piece of agricultural equipment that ploughs the land prior to the new seed being planted.

Then there are another seven spheres that can represent the seven heavens and archangels. Followed by 14 aspects, in the Gospel of Peace it also mentions the 14 angels that relate to the different elements and powers.

Then there is 14 again, and they look like tears, the pearls of wisdom follow the tears when people heal themselves. On the outer rim you have 28 points, and it is the number of the tender hearted, gentle lamb.

If we add up the numbers we then have 7+7= 14 + 14 +14 = 42. Is the same energy as 24 and it is the number of karmic reward. Biblically speaking it is also the number of spiritual elders that surround the throne.

I can smell caramel as I write this, and it reminds me of Mount Carmel and the lovely pastries made by the Druze. 42+28=70 and that brings us back to 7 again. 70 people walked with Moses, and 70 people walked with Christ. 70 is also the value of the AYIN, Jeff Benner informs that it was originally Ghah, does it sound like Gaia to you? In the ancient pictograph it was the symbol of the mystics rope. Healers become mystics and mystics become healers. We have the mystic ropes, to help our brothers and sisters at this time, to help them climb into a new reality of a higher state of consciousness.

Remember Queen Ester loves the Persian people and she never left you, nor did the Prophet Daniel. The restorer or Ester's tomb was a man with the name ELIAS, God certainly works in mysterious and wonderful ways. The building is in the shape of the star of david, and Elias also informs us of how 50% of the mosques that were built in ancient times, have mosaic star of david's inside them. Of course they would, the star of david is sacred geometry, and a part of the being of the sanctuary of your own bodies.

Love beyond measure



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