Friday, 2 September 2011

Rock Gate - Coral Castle

A blessed one as shared this offering today. The videos are about the ‘Rock Gate’ that is known as 'Coral Castle' in Florida, it was built by one man, Ed Leedskalnin. from LATVIA, for what he called his 'Sweet 16.' He kept telling those that knew him, that she would come. Sweet 16 always reminds me of the 'Sound of Music' and harmonics.  
He was a small man, just 5'6" and only weighed about 100 lbs. He was able to lift and position blocks weighing over 30 tons all by himself. 30 is also to do with the spiritual law in the bible and in the ancient pictographs it is the LAMED. The shepherds staff that defends the innocent lambs from predators.

Its an incredible story, and he did leave writings about
MAGNETICS and anti-gravity. Like Leonardo Da Vinci he also created double exposed photographic images,  it is clear that this man left messages for humanity. Why was Florida so important to him? Is it because that is where the Church first landed?  Is it because he knew the LORD God would send Messiah Joseph to Florida? Is it because the LORD God led him for this purpose? 
I recommend those that are interested in this fascinating mystery, and magnetics to watch the videos and look at the photographs. There are 85 shared on the website link.

You may also remember that there were
‘magnetic’ crop circles this season, and at least two of them had the shape of magnets close to the crops. The number 16 also came up a lot this season and 16 is the soferim of the shattered citadel. In addition to ‘make plans in advance’. In gematria 16 is also the value of SHE, SHE IS and Behold. 1+6 = 7 the life number of the spiritual teacher, it is also a karmic number in the bible.  In Hebrew gematria it is the ZAYIN and the Jewish sages associate it to what they call the 'woman of valor'. 
He left $3,800 in brand new crisp notes, that certainly feels like another message as well everything that this man did was very specific; and clearly had a divine purpose for being.
38 is the Hebrew gematria value of 'Will of God'.  
In this photograph he as featured temperance (in gold) that she is also called prudence in the bible and the Angel of the LORD. In Psalm 45,  the one that wore the gold is the Royal Bride and many have seen the photographs in Jerusalem, Israel. Wearing the gold outfit that was predicted to be gifted in the ancient prophecy. You will also see the golden ankh, the key of life in the picture and a mayan pyramid. We also know that the golden ankh is to do with bio-electro-magnetics, and spiritual people are now lecturing on it in Africa. 
If you look carefully, he as also included the sign of the 'Son of Man' and a lot more. What some might think is a crescent moon, is actually the shofar, the trumpet call. This man was incredibly talented to create images of this quality and standard. In addition to the manifestation of this rock of truth.

We have shared a lot information about temperance with you in the past on this blog. Not only do these images give messages that are important to now, they also indicate what as already been fulfilled. The shofar was indeed sounded at Mount of Carmel in 2007 in my presence, once again a humble man was chosen by the LORD God for his purpose. 
These photographs deserve serious investigation by those that really know spiritual symbology and the different disciplines from the healing arts. As the Son of God said “Where two gather in my name, there I shall be.” 


Latvian immigrant sculptor, scientist and author, Edward Leedskalnin, left behind two important gifts for humanity—Rock Gate, otherwise known as Coral Castle, and Magnetic Current, the universal theory of the individual North and South pole magnet—two gifts that are emerging as perhaps two of the greatest achievements by one man in human history.  

In Magnetic Current and complimentary writings, Edward Leedskalnin provides instruction through experimentation and lecture into understanding the interactions of the individual North and South pole magnet, a magnetic unipole.     Since the individual North and South pole magnets are considered by Leedskalnin to be the base of everything, he’s able to move in and out of seemingly unrelated scientific topics with ease drawing awakening correlations between them and shedding light on the true inner workings of our world and universe.” 

He also wrote about having a
‘Rock in every Home’. I have not had time to study his writings although they’re certainly worthy of attention. I have also written about the ‘North-South’ pole on our blog in the past. Here is the link to gain access to Ed's writings. His sweet 16 did come, and his name and work will be honored.   
No coincidence that this offering as been shared with us today. As we move into the LUXOR, ‘Breaking the Mould’ gateway opening. Awesomeness was promised this year, and awesomeness it is.
After the above was written and sent out, the LORD God said 'You are the antidote'.  
Love beyond measure



Eliakim said...

One American claims that there is a legend that he was jilted at the altar by a 16 year old girl in Latvia. However, as other witnesses have already shared he was a very secret man.

However, it is worthy to look at the meaning of the name AGNES in Greek and Latin because he certainly knew a lot. In Greek and Latin it means 'LAMB'.

Also there is a structure with the letter T like the ones found at the ancient site in Southern Turkey.

He also made a round table with a plant in its centre, because he knew that she liked flowers. As we know, the round table is to do with the Holy Grail. Ed knew that the lamb would understand it, he knew that she is WISDOM.

Eliakim said...

Of course, the stone round table also links into the legends that are associated with England. He knew she would come from across the water to Florida.

When I was sent to the USA, some spiritual leaders had moved to Florida from Mount Shasta and Michael lived in Georgia. At that time it made sense to go to Florida and for Michael to meet me there.

I was sent to the USA to meet with Michael and warn the spiritual leaders about Obama. However, the spiritual leaders did not have the ears to hear to hear, what the lamb had come to deliver in the name of the LORD God.

It was divine providence that the people from Mt Shasta had moved to Florida. The lamb was sent to St Augustine in 2008. It was a biblical prophecy that I would go to Babylon and the prophecy was provided by Prophet Micah. It is mentioned in Micah chapter 4.

As the LORD God said "By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it".

Eliakim said...

Another titbit, when I was in Florida I wore gold bikini's. Unfortunately, those handling Michael's estate have not sent me the film of the photographs of me that I requested.

I also gave a gold cotton wrap that I was wearing, to a lovely young girl (a single parent mum) the evening before I left for the airport. After she admired it, I removed it from my shoulders and gave it to her as a gift. That is just one example why the images in these photographs are so important in every detail.

They hold so much information.

We also went to warn them in Florida about the environment and recommended that they move away from the coastlines because St Augustine ans the coastlines were vulnerable to what was coming.

Unfortunately, they were more interested in their precious belief systems, then engaging with why I had flown 1,000' of miles to go to the USA. The most expensive mission the LORD God as ever sent me on.

The day the Paraclete flew into (Babylon USA) the Philadelphia Prince of Peace church burnt to the ground, just like the prophecies predicted.

The rest is history now.

Onesfear said...

Hello, just letting you know that I am the one that did the overlay pictures of Ed's that you have displayed above. You are free to use them and I have many more,Just for the record I wanted to lay claim to the fact that they were conceived by me :) any insights you may have into these pictures please let me know I am always interested in what others thoughts are on the overlays... My email is onesfear at

Eliakim said...

Hi Clint, thank you for coming to say hi and letting us know about you. You are very welcome, and you did a great job with the overlays.