Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Pigs Cannabis Dragon Kingdom

After the Sonnet to God, its time to share about the mystical Dragon Kingdom of Buddhist Bhutan, as next year, 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

In Bhutan, there are no traffic lights, only people directing the traffic and pointing stop or go sign with their hands. The King of Bhutan is not interested in what is known by governments as 'Gross National Product' otherwise known as GNP. His priority is gross national happiness. Bhutan is a beautiful small country, that as retained its original culture, its purity and its innocence. Small is certainly beautiful in this timeline.

The grass that grows naturally there is cannabis and due to the mass of it, it is fed to the animals as feed. However, the cows don't like it, and it is the most popular food for pigs, they like it very much indeed.

That fact alone, is worth animal lovers pondering upon. Especially if you ponder upon the pigs and their nature. In addition, to the fact that they were featured in the book 'Animal Farm' as oppressors of the people. Why were they oppressors? Was it to do with what they were consuming? e.g. drugs. Did you know that 40% of Americans consume them?

In Bhutan, the grass under their feet, is only for the pigs that are getting high. Why is that? Clearly, the people of Bhutan are on a natural high in their mystical kingdom. They do not require the grass that grows under their feet to provide a high for them. The people of Bhutan neither smoke it or consume it directly.

However, as it is the staple diet for pigs, those that eat pig meat, will surely be receiving some of its energy in some form. As we know, Buddhists are usually non-meat eaters, so it is likely that most of the pig meat is for export.

Clearly, the cows won't touch it due them knowing that they produce milk for the babies, for butter, cream and cheese that is also eaten by children.

So how did the cannabis users respond to this news? 

"Do they sell pork by mail order?" " Its not like grass that grows low on the ground, some trees get up to 4m or more high, which is hard to walk on." 

People must think that I was born yesterday. I have seen all sides of life and how high cannabis can grow. Been there, lived it, got the tee-shirt. Do you remember the band Santana? Did you see them live? 

Fortunately, for me, the LORD God was always there; to sweep me up and away from those that were on a different track. He never allowed me to spend many months or years in the company of drug users. In hindsight, it was like we were sent in to shine the light of innocence. The light of the LORD God, then removed when people did not choose to follow the light of love, and return to the purity of innocence. 

Everyone was given a second chance, and third chance, and many more, everyone was given an opportunity to change their ways. If they chose not to change, then he would swoop down like a swan of grace, to collect his mystical baby of divine love. Never, to be returned to their reality again. 

He was not willing to sacrifice his child for anyone. His divine plan ruled for the sake of the gentle and tender hearted. The LORD God asked for mercy not sacrifice, and as the bible states he loves ZION, more that he loves Israel. 


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