Wednesday, 21 September 2011

God said 'They're trying to save face'.

The LORD God said 'Now they are trying to save face'. First they said it was a religion of peace, then when that was defeated with love, they said, it was a religion of love. When that was defeated they then said it was a religion of freedom and it was very easy to defeat that. They also tried to unite the religions under Islam. Then we told them that the word religion does not exist in either the Koran or in biblical Hebrew.

Sometimes people have to be completely defeated before they have the humility to listen and do the will of the LORD God. Sometimes people have to be defeated to ensure that they live in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law of creation. Sometimes its because they have to trample their garments of religious pride under their feet, that is what Christ taught his followers to do.

When a nation is too proud, it is defeated. When a people, religion or culture are so proud that they think that they will defeat the world with their belief system or corporations, then they have to be given a reality check, that defeats them and what they are imparting to the world. Does that also apply to the orthodox Jewish Rabbi's and orthodox Christian?  Of course it does.

I have been known to say that "retreat is not defeat'. I view the retreat as retreating within so that people can find peace and solace within themselves. The Kingdom of God is within YOU.

However, it is important to note that the people will not save face, all will have to face the reality checks and the harsh realities that humanity are now encountering. All will have to face themselves, who and what they have become. It truly is wake up, a great light of sunshine is here to help those that are ready for truth, and as Christ said 'The truth will set them free'. Only truth in the integrity of the being will survive this timeline. Only truth can help the religionists and humanity now, to ensure that everyone heals their nations, peoples and lands.

Have I ever felt defeated in my life? Yes, of course, how can one learn to overcome if one as not felt defeated. How can one rise out of earthly realities, if people have not been defeated by heavenly ones?

The LORD God will defeat earthly realities every time, if he chooses to do so for the survival of his humanity. The meek shall inherit the earth, and they're the ones that do his will until the end. The biblical prophecies predicted that the Angels are the harvesters, indeed our healing angels.

So do not engage in trying to save face, it will only make life harder for you. Instead surrender to the will of the LORD God, then he will help those that return to him with a humble heart of pure intention.

As we predicted at the start of the last decade, the face of humanity will change.


News from the Guardian explains how Obama's UN speech went today, it left the Palestinians feeling 'disappointed' and 'betrayed' by Obama and he was accused of 'double standards'. Well now they know how Americans feel about Obama.

The Palestinians also said 'they have the world with them'. I would have to agree to disagree with them. In fact, some people would like the whole lot to go including Israel. Many people around the world have simply had enough of the middle eastern issues; created originally by the Arabs in the name of their religion and god.

The Guardian continued "The best way of reading Obama's speech is simple: his primary audience was a domestic US one, with an eye on his flagging approval ratings and diminished re-election prospects."
Indeed, that is truth. Obama is seeking re-election and his words about peace today, do signify that he could well be the one that Nostradamus and the Jewish prophets warned us about. 

Let us intent that Obama's 42 months is nearly up, and remember this, that the LORD God said 'Obama is a double agent'. At least the Palestinians got that right. However, for them to state that they now 'hate' Obama, shows us that they have a lot of healing work to do. Will they also hate all the other nations if they are refused UN recognition? If they do, it simply shows us that they do not accept the will of the LORD God. 

There is absolutely no reason why the Palestinians cannot build their state, they've had billions and billions of Western tax payers money to do so since the 1980's. Do you see or hear any gratitude from them for the money that we gave them? 

Never, have I ever seen it written, or said by a Palestinian. Thank you to the people of all of the Western nations for all the help that you have given us. 

The fact that their leaders took most of it, isn't the responsibility of Westerners, it is the responsibility of Palestinians and the Islamic regimes that they have chosen to live under. They now have shopping mails, hotels, villas and swimming pools like the best of the West. Its time for the Arabs to fund the rest,  because the Western nations require every single penny and cent, to help their own people to adapt to the changing economic and environmental climate. 



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