Thursday, 15 September 2011


I have a saying, 'Bring me your peace and it will add to mine, then my peace will add to yours'.

'The soul requires an inner sanctum of peace to reach its fullest potential' from Sacred Words

The root of the word for peace Shalom, comes from Shalam and it literally means to make whole or complete. When the LORD God sent me on the mission to Israel, on the order of Melchizedek, it was because I was ready to deliver completeness and wholeness to spiritual Israel.

While I was there they were blessed with the largest 'Lily of Peace' I have ever seen, they were also blessed with wooden doves of peace.

A beautiful spiritual Israeli once told me that the birth name given by my genetic parents means 'Completion of Truth exists' in Hebrew gematria.

It certainly does.

So bring me your completion and wholeness, and it will add to mine, then my completion and wholeness will add to yours.

What else did we deliver to Israel? The everlasting covenant of peace for the children. Just as Prophet Isaiah predicted that we would.

Israel is blessed, for the LORD God does not waste my time.

He only sends me to people who are ready to receive a blessing, they knew that in their hearts as well.

It did not have to be said.

The words unspoken were the most powerful of all.

They knew that mercy and loving kindness had arrived.

They gave me a crystal from a specific mountain and the rock was called 'Elijah's Foot'. I was touched by their gift, and asked for it to be left in the beautiful garden in Israel. For them to always know that my foot is always there with them.

That the 'Lily of Peace' is also a reminder to them as well. I hold them all in my heart and I know one day, we shall all meet again. In the place that the LORD God as chosen for his divine purpose.

Love beyond measure Israel.



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