Saturday, 3 November 2012


I have been wondering what the '666th' post would be this year in 2012. Has we know wisdom was called to do the count on man '666' that is mentioned in Rev 13. 6+6+6 = 18 = 'Materialism striving to destroy spirituality'. No surprise then that today the truth movement are sharing this full film that is called the 'Destruction of America'. I have watched the first part of the two hour film, and it does include many facts that are true.

Has we know the number 18 is also to do with Rev 18 and New York has certainly been on fire in recent days. What has happened in the USA with the 'Sandy Storm', and what has swept New York is certainly another sign. Especially has Queens was impacted upon as well.

On the 5th of February, 2012 we shared this information that had been revealed to me regarding JFK, and how a woman, a 69 year old Ms Alford had a relationship with him. During that time he apparently said to her 'I'd rather my children were red than dead'.

On the same day an Orthodox American sent me an email regarding the 'Civil War in the USA'. It does remind me of what the LORD God said in 2010, just before Michael Mauldin died when he said 'The die is cast', 'The dark Lords have descended'.

Its not easy sitting by watching a nation being destroyed from within itself. However, that is what happens to a nation that says ‘anything goes’. A nation that refuses to do the will of the LORD God when asked to so in divine intervention. The biblical prophecies predict that some will be driven out of the USA, to build a new strong nation in a different place. 2012 is the year when people come to know, that it is the end of the world has they have known it. Everything is changing before their very eyes.

Another Christian Orthodox that supports gun owners; and promotes gun owners asked to be removed from our list today. They simply cannot accept the truth that is delivered to them in integrity. However, I did remove them from our list a long time ago, and it was only the mercy of my heart that put them back on again.
The truth will indeed set them free when they are ready to hear it. Accept it, and live by the true teachings of the LORD God and his Son. In the meantime of this sober decade, it is certainly a very sobering time for the USA. Unfortunately, the USA became 'intoxicated' with 'materialism', 'consumerism', 'celebrities', 'gun-ownership', 'money', 'power', 'religious buildings' and everything that the Son of God stood against. We warned the USA a few years ago, that it is going through the 'initiation of the crucifixion' that they promoted along with its religion. The LORD God did not ask for sacrifice he asked for mercy.

Mercy beyond measure is the key note at this time. I was forced to let go of many people that I know. People that had not prepared, were not ready for what was coming upon them. The bible warned them that judgement was coming upon the nations in this timeline. However, they simply did not wish to hear it. In my experience, the Christian Orthodox would rather be martyrs than integrate what we have been sharing with them for years. Has we have already informed you, those that die for their religion, have not passed the initiation with flying colors on their path of service. Only those that truly stand in the light of love pass that initiation in the most amazing way. 

To those that did prepare well in advance, to those that had healed and walked the spiritual path. Well done, you know that your rewards are heavenly. There certainly is a great divide between the gentle lambs and the goats exactly has Jesus Christ predicted there will be. Has we know he also spoke about how the 'bad fish' would be thrown away in this timeline, and that the Angels from Heaven will only keep the good fish. 

It is certainly a time of moving on for those that know where to go. May the light of love and goodness always be with you, and defend you wherever you are. 



Eliakim said...

Another sign 'Man electrocuted' in a chain store in Kent. The store is called 'Marks and Spencer'.

Eliakim said...

Mr Pritchard, who is staying in the Hell's Kitchen area of Manhattan, said the only indication of any damage in that part of town was a broken crane and long queues at garages for petrol.

Marathon Cancelled.

"We're in Central Park, there's no flooding, the cafes and restaurants are open. The race could have been run.

"At the end of the day it was a political decision.

"If it was cancelled or postponed a week ago, we could have changed our flights and got some money back, but now everyone has used their flights and paid for hotels - there is a general feeling of anger at the way it has been handled," he said.

Goodness gracious me America, why do you call places 'HELLS KITCHEN?'. Is that not asking for it?