Saturday, 24 November 2012


The other name that the LORD God gave me in recent days was "Alan Sweeney' and that is certainly a name from the past. I remember in the 90's and even last decade, the Reiki Masters of integrity around the UK, were still calling Allan out face-to-face.

So what to do about this man?

On his website he claims that on one of his training courses, a lady with Chrone's Disease was cured with psychic surgery.

Is that the truth?


I know for a fact that the lady concerned went on to have other operations in hospital after June 2007. She did say to me face-to-face that she would have to ask Allan to remove the link on his website related to her.

Clearly, either she has not found the time to ask him, or the courage. Or he has not done what she has asked him to do. The fact, that the link page is still up, is probably the reason why the LORD God has mentioned Allan Sweeney.

The LORD God knows the truth about Allan Sweeney and the whole history of this case. However, reading the write up for the first time, about what happened that day in June 2007. It does indicate that I was present with her on that day in Spirit, with others that know her. The lady is not aware of the importance of the rainbow, the elephant, the heart and how the colors relate to yours truly.

However, this post is to call out Allan Sweeney again, because the LORD God has asked me to do so.

In 2001, he was also brought before the Advertising Standards Authority.

Here's what the Advertising Standards Authority ruled: "The advertisers said Allan Sweeney was a Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicine and provided a certificate that showed he had completed a course in that subject from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. The Authority was concerned that, in the context of the advertisement, the use of the title "Dr" implied that Allan Sweeney was medically trained. It understood that the course had been completed in a year and considered that it neither represented a doctorate, a course that typically took 3 years to complete, nor was related to medical training. The Authority asked the advertisers to delete the claim from future advertisements." [3] 

Teshuvah Allan Sweeney, teshuvah.

In integrity,



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