Sunday, 18 November 2012


I was communicating with a Christian, and some English atheists, then suddenly I heard a loud crashing sound in the bathroom. A large metal rack that holds shampoos etc had come crashing down. When I saw it , I thanked God that I was not in the bath when it happened.

Seriously, the message is that the 'metal energy' is crashing down. I then carried on the discussion.

After a little while, the LORD God said 'AIR RAID'. Immediately, my attention went to Israel, because the people that I was in discussion with stand against Israel. Clearly those that stand against Israel are in their 'metal energy', and they are coming crashing down.

I did share what God had said in the past, 'Those that do not give others the right to exist, do not have the right to exist either. The cosmos is not a one-way street'.

Of course I am concerned for our people in the UK, who think they're aware, most have no true comprehension of what is coming to be. There are times when I wish I did not know, what I know.

Saturday morning there were a mass of sea gulls outside my window. There were dozens of them, flying in from all directions. They were about 10-12 feet in front my window, and some were 10-20 feet high, some were flying over. They just kept coming at me from all directions, until I got the message that there was a big storm brewing. No surprise then about the storm in Australia that has been reported.

Sea gulls do come in land often to find food. However, they rarely come that close on mass. It was extremely powerful. The keynote of the sea gull is 'responsible communication'. Their cycle of power is also a year. They are ecological birds, and the environment is a major issue has we know. Ted Andrews also relates them to food, diet, and opportunities.

The words 'Air Raid' also made me ponder upon what would the people of London do, if they were ever bombed again?

With the advances in technology, how well are the people prepared for such an eventuality? Israel and its people, are fully equipped for all eventualities, in comparison, the UK are not.

Its not just about the Israeli military, its about the people themselves; being equipped and trained to deal with emergency situations.

I am old enough to remember when the IRA bombed British cities, it was not a pleasant time, in that period of working in London.  This Christmas, over 40,000 military personnel are being shed from the British Army. What would the British people do if there was ever an attack? It seems to me, that our people take so much for granted in this timeline. No war can save Cameron in this timeline. The people are more aware now, then they were in the time of Thatcher. However, it is still not enough! They chose not to support the 'Love Union', they chose not to support the divine plan of building new Jerusalem, they had no idea what would be the outcome of the decisions that they made.

Mercy beyond measure


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