Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Response to Greek claimants

I tell you this what did the Church of Philadelphia have to do with Greece? The Prince of Peace Church in Philadelphia burned down to the ground when yours truly arrived on USA soil. Hashem was letting the Americans know that his chosen one had arrived on the land of Babylon has predicted by Prophet Micah. Prophet Micah also informs you that after her return from the USA, she was given her kingship. She is the Paraclete that Jesus promised his true followers would come to help them. 

Prophet Isaiah knew that I would be born on an Island in the West, and England is certainly West of Greece. The Prince of Greece came to me exactly has Prophet Daniel predicted he would.

However, has the bible predicted the Princes cannot meet the high standards that are in place. 

As the LORD God said to me 'You have raised the bar'.

The LORD God sent me to help the Greeks and their ears, eyes and hearts were open wide to receive what had to be bestowed at that time. When I arrived on Greek soil at night time, the 'Smile of Mona Lisa' was heard to greet me. Everyone in the airport could hear it. 

The Greek composer Manos Hatzidakis knew that she would return at night time. [1] This track is from the album it is called 'Returning in the Evening'.

The first time I ever heard this composition was in the late 70's,  on Hydra, during the honeymoon with Adam. The Greek people and the song stayed in my heart forever afterwards. While I was on Hydra I experienced a powerful deju vu, I knew that I had lived on that Island in a past life. 

So what theme tune did we deliver to the Greeks for this timeline? 

Has the LORD God said to the Greeks, EZRA, it means 'God helps'. 

So then if you have nothing to discuss with me, why do you come here? 



1. http://academysounds.blogspot.co.uk/2010/05/she-returns-at-night-time.html

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