Saturday, 17 November 2012


Well has I stated yesterday the LORD God said 'It is tragic'. [1]So what has happened? Has we know Gaza fired over 800 rockets onto Israel and Israel responded to it.

The baby of the BBC Palestinian reporter that died, did not miss my attention.

The Daily Mail report today that Israel prepares for war: Invasion force masses on Gaza border as 75,000 reservists are called up after Egyptian leaders warn they will back Palestinian militants. Obama pushes Egypt to intervene in Gaza to prevent more bloodshed as Israel and Hamas send rockets across border.

Then tragedy hits Egypt hard, the Daily Mail report that an Egyptian train has hit a school bus killing 47 nursery school children. The cosmos is not a one-way street, and nor is the spiritual law.

My heart goes out to the children that have died in both Egypt and Gaza.

May they rest in peace.

Children are dying, people are dying, all because the people refuse to do the will of the LORD God.

The heavenly Father is correct, 'It is tragic'.

No surprise then that the 17th of November is the 'Day of the Bridge'.

The bridge of peace is here for those that choose to align their will with divine will.

Mercy beyond measure




Eliakim said...

British monk dies after setting fire to himself in French monastery as 'political gesture'
• Firefighters were unable to save the monk's life after he was discovered by fellow monks in the garden
• Venerable Lobsang Tonden - whose name at birth was David Alain - set himself alight at the Nalanda monastery in southern France
• The 38-year-old is likely to have been making a protest about the Chinese occupation of Tibet - similar to several other monks who have self-immolated
Read more:

Has the LORD God said ‘It is tragic’.

Eliakim said...

Two rockets land in outside Jerusalem, 2 fired at TA.

It reminds me of a dream that I had about Jerusalem that I shared with an Israeli many years ago.

I was in the back of an armored vehicle and I was being driven by my friend into Jerusalem. I could hear the military and lots of guns firing and then they suddenly stopped. I asked him if shabat had begun. He replied yes.

Eliakim said...

Migrants in France 'worth less than cattle'. They think that the UK offers more human rights than France. Many that arrive in the UK find out that isn't the case.

Eliakim said...

Zechariah 9 and GAZA.