Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Two 'FAT DUCK' chefs have been killed along with a taxi driver in a collision with a bus in Hong Kong. The media called it tragic, and has you know the other day the LORD God said 'It is tragic'.
A Mr Blumenthal opened 'The Fat Duck' restaurant in 1995. In 2004, it was awarded three Michelin stars.

I995 and 2004 are both relevant dates to yours truly. 1995 found on the circuit of the Galilee of the Gentiles. 2004 was the second harmonic concordance and the birth of this holy Spirit. It was also the year that the Rev 12 timeline began.

This summer a lady was brought to me for help and she was in the valley of death, her son and his family also lives in Hong Kong. I was given duck egg blue has the color for her to be wrapped in, for her healing process, also lavender and geranium aromatherapy oils and candles in the first instance. She was also asked to eat duck and duck eggs. The lady was provided with all of the information that was required for to understand why the energies an nutrients of duck were important to her at this point in time. Has we explained the English ducks live freely, they are free range, they can move on water and they can also fly divine. The duck egg was important for the ladies spiritual birth. We also informed you that the the messages of the birds were going to be important in this timeline and it is important that you understand them.


Three stars are also important, it was about reconnecting with the healing team that she was part of in a past life when we were Cathars. All three of us experienced aspects that related to that past life when we were healing together again. In the past life the three aromatherapists had their limbs removed, so that they could not given healing with their hands anymore. Those that stood against the healers that were helping humanity to heal, paid a high cost for doing what they do best.

There was also three people involved in that accident in Hong Kong with the two chefs and the BBC have referred to it has a collision of the vehicles. That then relates to this forthcoming lunar eclipse that is about the 'worlds colliding'.


No surprise then that Matt Cardle sang the song 'When we collide', he also won the X factor in 2011.  He sings about being 'hit' and 'bruised' and this forthcoming lunar eclipse is about healing the 'battering' and 'being battered'. The limbs of our healers shall not be removed again from them, they shall not sacrifice the lambs again because the LORD God asked for mercy, not sacrifice. 

The healing ray of emerald is also given for this forthcoming eclipse, so we are in the same color range. However, those that have seen the emerald ray, know that it is an inter-galatic energy and it sparkles like the most amazing diamond that has many facets to its being. 

May the chefs rest in peace. I am also called to write about the 'hot' and 'cold' energy mentioned in the bible, and I will make a different post dedicated to that. Due to 'hot' and 'cold' energy both being to do with healing and the healing process. For instance, in the beginning has a healer you experience the heat of the love to heal the tissues, after that you experience the cold energy that is for cooling any tissues that are hot or swollen. The cool energy helps to put out the fire in the body, in my humble view. The heat is for warming up those that have not fully come into the heat and fullness of the heat of love. In the prophecies of Jesus he says to the people I wish you would be either hot or cold, in other words, he was wishing that they were healers and understood the difference between the two energies of divine love. However, I shall look at it in more depth. 

So are the 'Fat Duck' chefs a sign for humanity? Yes. Eat English duck or goose this Christmas. Free range. 


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