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The other day I wrote about the 'Khakas Shamans and the Venus Laussel'. [1] This post will share about the 'Shaman's Death' and its connection with the the second resurrection. As you know Jesus spoke about being in this world and not from it. I have also written about the suspension in the cosmos, in the dynamic sphere where a person has the ability to walk between the worlds.

To the shaman, death is their allay, and due to their dauntlessness they are not afraid of death due to them having faced it many times during their own lifetime. The first time that one faces death, especially when a person is no more than a child, it can be a shocking and traumatic experience. For a child, death of a loved one whether it is a pet, grandparent or parent, is when the 'death initiation' comes very early in life. it signifies that this child will have to deal with many situations of death during their lifetime. For a child it can mark them for life especially if they're very sensitive, sentient and live in a world of their own. The reality of seeing a loved one in a morgue or funeral parlor, does not fit into their glorious reality of love, life, joy and happiness.

When I was growing up, mum taught me to never be afraid of death, to hold our heads high and walk in dignity. She introduced the Christian Spiritualist Church that support life after death and reincarnation. The understanding that souls simply leave the body and go to a different place. I know that place as a place with 'no name'. A place where people can heal and await their turn for reincarnation on planet earth. Souls choose to come to planet earth because it is the only planet on which the people can experience 'emotion'. It is the best academy in the cosmos.

In some cultures, Islamic cultures and indigenous peoples teach children how to hunt and kill an animal with a knife or their own bare hands. Children are then faced with the mortality of an animal, and they are capable of taking a life. It is to harden them up, and some would say to make a man of them. However, it is very important to know that scientists have now discovered that the brain of the child is not fully developed until the age of 24. This means that if an initiation was forced upon a child by their parents, than damage could be the result, due to it changing the perceptional reality of the child.

Death and saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but it is a lot easier when a person embraces reincarnation and life after death. It helps the loved ones that they leave behind them, to accept graciously the more that they let go of their attachment to the physical reality that once was. Of course, how the death takes place can impact on how people respond to it.

The shaman also helps others to accept the death of particular realities, and as we know 2012 is the end of the world as humanity have known it. They assist people to embrace new realities that are different to their own, they help souls to transmigrate and transcend. Few people can look death in the face. Hence, why few can retrieve a person and raise them up out of the valley of death. One has to be dauntless to go to deaths door with love and understanding in your heart.

Some shamans also help others to move from one world to the next, from one heaven to the next. When people are open to receive the help that is being offered to them. They are often called to the bedside of the dying, those that are dying like to have their cheerful input of trust and healing to aid them with their journey home. When people are in hospital surrounded by people that are dying, they like to feel the warmth, sincerity of a spiritual person that can give them comfort to sustain them. To give them hope and light. Hence, why many spiritual people have worked in Hospices. The healers are not afraid, they are dauntless in being able to face death, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

The shaman knows that with every death there is a new beginning. When a person can walk amongst death in beauty, you know that person is a shaman that helps many souls to come to the truth. The true shaman has faced their own mortality, they have been to deaths door and come back from it,  and as we know Buddha was also known as the Medicine Buddha.

A near death experience is also related to the shaman, and many shamans have died due to their work and its intention to protect others from themselves, they dealt with their shadow sides before they came to know that there is no shadow once the dross is burned away from the soul. Just like when a person cuts off the fat from the meat. The crucifixion can also be viewed as a shamans death, that to is an initiation on the rite of passage. How others view the shamanic healer is no concern for them, they continue on their way helping others regardless. They take nothing personally, and do their best at all times.

They have experienced the 'night of the dark soul' initiation that came before their own crucifixion. Christian mystics, even those in the Church have always been fully aware of the 'night of the dark soul' and it feels like humanity are having to face this as well now.

When a person has gone through the shamans death. others cannot impact upon them due to the sheer power of their strength. It can take people through what some might call 'insanity', because it relates to initiations and states of being, that others have either never experienced or if they have they have not understood their meaning. 'The meaning of life is to find out the meaning of life.' from Sacred Words.

However, the same can apply to the 'meaning of death', and how that meaning relates to you and what purpose it has. The Sons of Darkness mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls will do everything they can to impact on the Sons of the Light. The scrolls tell you that is due to divine intervention that the Sons of Light win in the end. The sheer power of the Sons of Light and their compassion and mercy, is what helps them to prevail when all around them is dying.

We always knew that during this mean time, it would try the patience of the saints. The Sons of Darkness have done everything they can to attempt to stop this reality of love and light being who they were pre-ordained to be.

If you ever feel like you are going crazy, its OK, if you are truly of the light, then you will come through it. Author Jamie Sams also shares with us that a natural shaman has experienced major traumas between the ages of 1 and seven and it does relate to the boundaries of the child. However all children have experienced trauma because it begins with the birth. I watched a video the other day, where a baby was being seriously traumatized during their first hair cut.

A person that has healed childhood trauma can also help others to do the same. Hence, why Christ spoke about becoming like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven. The first resurrection identifies a person that is 'blessed and holy' in Revelation chapter 20. The exact words state: 'Blessed and holy is the one who has a part in the first resurrection'.

The second death has no power over those individuals because they are enlightened beings that ascended. In my experience the second death is the shamans death and Rev 20 tells them that they become priests with Jesus Christ and they reign with him for 1,000 years. 

That chapter also speaks of 1,000 years and in Judaism, 1,000 years can mean days or months. In biblical times there were 360 days in a year. So we're really talking about the length of time like a Saturn transit. 3 x 360 = 1,080. That number can also relate to Rev 18 that is about the USA. It is no coincidence that Anne Boleyn was beheaded after '1,000 days' by King Henry VIII, because Rev 20 also mentions the beheadings that took place due to the name of Christ.

1,000 days divided by 360 is two years, seven months, and seven days. There you have the number 77 that is to do with forgiveness in the NT. Two is to do with harmony, the lovers, and two years is often given as the honeymoon period in a marriage. No coincidence then that God spoke about the honey, and the honeymoon being over yesterday. Two is the High Priestess in the major arcane.

In those days they beheaded Queens when King Henry could not get his own way. In that life Anne was set-up and 'accused of betrayal'. The male dominated society, that has led humanity to its own self-destruction. Anne gave birth to the wonderful Elizabeth I, her marriage to Henry co-created the breakaway of the Church of England from Rome. Elizabeth carried on that legacy.

Anne has been called 'the most influential and important Queen consort that England has ever had'. I can tell you this, the paintings of her, do not do her justice. She was the daughter of Thomas and in this painting she is deer hunting with Henry. Some claim that her heart was buried in Suffolk, and her ancestors were buried in Norfolk. Anne did reincarnate, she is doing wonderful work in this land of Joseph. May the LORD bless her and her children, they are written in my book of life.



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