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Divine Women - The goddess

In recent posts we have been sharing about the 'Divine Daughter', 'Mother Morning', Morning Star, Evening Star,  and now the BBC have launched the first part of the 'Divine Women' documentary. A free booklet is available from the Open University on the link for those that might be interested. There are some artifacts in it that have not been seen before, including a very large one of Mater carved into a mountain, it has a doorway in it.

Another interesting aspect of the documentary is that it shares with you that St Peters was built upon the previous temple of the mother. A temple where they sacrificed bulls in the same way that they still do today in India. What the Vatican stands on is polluted with the blood of animals.

However, in neither case does the presenter cross-reference with the bull linked to EL, that is the bull/ox head in the ancient pictographs. In those pictographs the symbol means 'strength' and 'power'. It can also represent a teacher or leader, tribal or otherwise. It became the ALEPH in the Hebrew Alphabet, in Greek it is the Alpha, the beginning.

There is also an ancient sybil prophecy shared that it will be a woman that saves the Church. The Dali Lama said the same at a woman's conference. That it will be a woman that saves the world.

As we know the goddess appears a lot in the bible as do divine women. Prophet Jeremiah, chapter 44, mentions the 'Queen of Heaven', the people pour out drink offerings to her in the same way that their ancestors did. When they did that they had plenty of food, were well off and suffered no harm. After they stopped pouring out drink to her, they perished by sword and famine.

So why were they pouring out a drink for a Queen of Heaven? Is it because Moses was told that another prophet was coming and she would be in female form? The one from the tribe of Joseph? Is it coincidence that the Jewish people make a place setting and pour out a glass of wine due to waiting for the arrival of Elijah? Does it surprise you that they poured out the red wine for me in Israel?

Prophet Jeremiah also said 'For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth-- A woman will encompass a man." Jer 31:22 NAS

Prophet Isaiah also gave prophecy that the LORD would make and do new things that they had not known before. 'I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. 43:19. From now on I will tell you new things, hidden things not known to you. Isaiah 48:6 I will create new heavens and a new earth. Isaiah 65:7 NIV

Christian orthodox do not accept the divine feminine and Queen of Heaven, yet it is clearly in the bible in black and white. They deny the wondrous woman from heaven in Rev 12 and call her Israel, the Catholic Church or Mary. They deny daughter ZION in Micah 4, and the divine plan for the last days of the end times. They deny the prophecies of the woman that was promised to come in the prophecies of Hosea and in the Psalms. Christians stand in denial of the divine reality that exists; and the comforter that was predicted to come to help the followers of the Son of God. As such, they deny the opportunity for their own redemption.

Here are some other links to share.

The Christian goddess, putting the goddess, the sacred feminine back into Judeo-Christianity. This link mentions how Yeshua's baptisim was blessed by a dove. No surprise then that when he told the priests about the sign of Jonah that would come, the word Jonah also means 'Dove'.

When I am doing spiritual work as instructed on location, the birds come to let me know that the work is completed. They usually sing and dance above my head or in front of me where I can see them. On the 1st of October, 2004 for the second harmonic concordance, about 300 arrived from two different directions. It was an incredible experience witnessed by four people.

The link also asks did the Church deny a fourth reality?

In this link a Christian struggles with the truth, when a Christian cannot embrace the divine feminine then it means they have not embraced it within themselves. If they cannot embrace the feminine within, then they cannot begin their ascent home. In this aspect I speak from experience, not from theory. Orthodox spend most of their time talking about theories due to a lack of spiritual experience and knowing truth for themselves.

Teshuvah humanity


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