Monday, 9 April 2012

Russell 'Arthur' Brand Teshuvah

Essex boy, Russell Brand is in the news again to do with money. The other week, he came across a tramp in the street. He immediately went to get $600 dollars from the cash machine and returned to give it to the tramp. Apparently he told the tramp 'spend it wisely and say hello next time you see me'. As we know 60 is to do with the spiritual law, what you give will come back to you 30, 60 or 100 fold.

Today, is different, this time Russell was caught on camera setting fire to a dollar bill. Apparently, it is illegal to do that in the USA. The dollar bill was lit, then he put it behind him while it was alight. It is symbolic, he is putting the money behind him. Clearly, this man is not motivated by money, it is just a means to an end.  Russell is still in touch with his roots in Essex, and neither Hollywood, the USA or money can change that or who he really is deep inside.

It is a psychological, symbolic act, of what he really feels about America. The dollar is burning, and not worth the paper that it is written on. Whether it was conscious or sub-conscious doesn't really matter at this point.


He was dressed like 'Arthur' at the time, the film that was launched in April 2011.

As we know, the name 'Arthur' also relates to the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The round table was destroyed due to a 'lack of integrity' of the men and the 'adultery' of its Queen.  American singer, Katy Perry chose fame and fortune instead of having a baby with Russell. In the teachings of the prophets; what Katy did is considered to be 'adulterous' due to her 'lust'.

How ironic then that Perry was the one that was declared to come from a religious Christian family. So what happened to Perry's Christian values; that fame and fortune was chosen in preference to a baby and love? Hence, divorce became a reality. He was right to do so. Why even get married if there is no intention to have a child together? What's the point?

No surprise then that Russell has turned to spiritual pursuits like yoga.

Russell predicts that he will deliver humor and chaos in his new American show. Teshuvah Russell, the USA has enough chaos of its own without you adding to it. Research showed that 85% of Americans are in 'emotional chaos' and that was before Obama was elected.

He is also in discussion with the BBC on a new project.

Come home Russell, come home to England.

Teshuvah, teshuvah Russell.

What else is going on in the USA?

There has been an oil tanker set on fire by a car that drove into it in California. They are not releasing the name of the person that was driving the car, it does not take rocket science to work out the reason why.

The biblical prophecies predicted that ESAU would become stubble and the more that the USA deny this reality, the more its nation will burn. Just like the Philadelphia Prince of Peace Church burned to the ground, when the LORD God sent his comforter there.

The biblical prophecies are clear as day, for those that have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart to understand.



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