Thursday, 12 April 2012

Catholic Glenn Dallaire Judged

Glen Dallaire from the 'Mystics of the Church' states that 'Obedience to the Catholic Church has always been the 'litmus test'.

1. The Torah tells the people to give obedience to God not the Church.

2. The 'litmus test' is nothing to do with the Catholic Church, it is only God himself that tells you if and when a person has passed the 'litmus test'.

3. The early followers of the one known as Jesus were told not to build upon his foundations with building materials. As such, no religious buildings to be built in the honor of his Son. He himself told them that they would burn in the flames.

4. The Catholic Church was not given any authority to authenticate a mystic or visionary as Glen Dallaire claims. Only a mystic can authenticate another mystic, and the LORD God himself gives testimony for his prophets in the same way, as he gave testimony for Moses. When I asked the LORD God to give testimony for me, 5 million trees burned down on Mount Carmel at Jewish New Year.

The biblical prophecies also tell you that the recent uprising in Egypt was testimony for Joseph, and Prophet Isaiah predicted that the fire would come down upon Israel.

5. Glenn states that a 'visionary will always obey the legitimate religious superiors and authorities of the Church. No,  Glen. The mystics are responsible to the divine not what the bible calls the 'elemental forces' that the Catholic Church is part of. An example of that is that they are bankers that the Son of God stood against.

6. Glenn writes of the 'authority to judge'. However, the NT tells the followers of Jesus 'Judge not, or you will be judged. Condemn not, or you will be condemned. Only the Saints, and the wondrous woman from heaven has the divine authority to judge in the last days of the end times. Jesus told his followers that the Queen of the South would come to judge this generation when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel. The dove was given in Israel in May 2006 and the whale arrived in 2010.

Glenn Dallaire is another shepherd that has 'no favor or union' with the LORD God. Prophet Zechariah predicted that such people would be cut off in this timeline.

Teshuvah Glen, Teshuvah



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