Saturday, 7 April 2012

Vermont -v- Monsanto

In January we shared the difference between the law of man -v- law of Spirit. [1] In that post we mentioned GMO and Monsanto. As you know the other day the LORD God also said 'Pesticides'.

The news today is that the state of Vermont have developed a new bill so that all food must be labelled whether it is GMO or not. The response has been that Monsanto has threatened the entire state of Vermont. The bill in question is H-722 (the 'VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act"). This act would ensure that Monsanto are unable to label GMO as 'natural',  'naturally made', 'naturally grown', or 'all natural'. [2]

The people are calling for all of the states in the USA to stand against Monsanto. I agree with them. The warning from the people is that if Monsanto do not stop doing what they are doing, then the people will set fire to the GMO crops. That would then fulfill the biblical prophecy of Obadiah that the land of Esau would be burnt to stubble.

Pesticides and GMO shall be removed from the lands of the nations.

One person said 'I don't know how people think this planet is going to sustain 12 billion people without GMO's.'

Our response to them is fish farms. People can create 1 million pounds of food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish. These fish farms always remind me of Jesus and the feeding of the 5,000.

Every small community should build a fish farm like this, work together, feed each other. Grow your own food, cut out the middle men, cut out the corporations and what they do to you. Christians come together and build new ecological, self-sustainable communities to avoid the famine. That is what New Jerusalem is all about, that is why the LORD our God sent Joseph, so that the people can avoid the famine that will come, if you do not do the will of the LORD.

He brings the sun, he brings the rain, he brings the snow, just as he brings it to you, he can also take it away from you. If the people continue to deny the law of the Spirit and live in harmonic concordance with it. It has been proven scientifically, that ancient civilizations were wiped out due to there being no rainfall for 200 years. It can happen again, so the people must be prepared. There is enough water in the oceans to provide all that people require. However, plants are required to process it so that it is drinkable. If humanity are without water then they cannot survive on this planet. Simple as that.

No surprise then that the bill has the number 722, and this is 22nd post in April. 22 is a master number of the divine feminine and its principles of charity, Angels and leadership. In 2005, Archangel Michael began working with the teachers of self-sustainability, and Gabriel took his place at the side of the holy mother to help the spiritual teachers.

Seven is also to do with the spiritual law, forgiveness in the NT. Seven is the value of the Hebrew ZAYIN, the 'woman of valor'. In numerology it is the life number of Spiritual teacher.

722 in Jewish gematria is also 'Heed my fishes code'. 'God's Perfect Grandson'. As I was writing that my son came through the door. The grandson that feeds his mother is the perfect grandson of God.

722 is also 'Queen of Courage', 'Priceless Soul', 'God of feast of the tabernacles', 'The Crucified Christ'. No surprise then that this is another message for this Easter weekend.



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