Friday, 27 April 2012


I am being taken to the Catholics and the Vatican again. After reading the words of Benedict XVI, I can see why. Benedict XVI shows in his own words that he is a 'fragmented' being, and he requires soul retrieval. Teshuvah.

Benedict XVI suffers from what is known in the healing community as 'soul loss'. Not surprising really as he was brought up in Germany and was in the Nazi youth group.

How does a man in a 'fragmented' state of being ever get to be elected to be a pope? Popes at the Vatican are elected by other 'fragmented' beings. Beings who lead 'fragmented' beings by keeping them in the never ending cycle of 'fragmentation' and 'soul loss'.

The Vatican, its Church and its members do not understand wholeness or how it is attained. When the Church has leaders that are 'fragmented' due to 'soul loss', it really is no surprise that the Church itself is so 'fragmented'. Its indicative of its state of being. 

Benedict said 'our action is empty', and 'loses its deep soul'. In deed, he is correct. His action and the action of the Vatican is 'empty' and does suffer from 'soul loss'. 

As Christ said 'Christianity was never born, it is still in the womb'. Profound words. Especially as the Vatican is full of men without a womb.

Teshuvah Benedict, teshuvah 


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