Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dream of Murder and the Divine Marriage

I wasn't going to share this dream with everyone, although I shared it with people that are on our Christian list. The response came back to share it with the people, although I have no intention of making people afraid. It is to make sure that people receive the warning that has been given.

Although I have not been given a location for the shooting.
I have been shown another shooting in dream state. I was in a large modern-type concrete building complex. There were concrete archways at the complex and concrete above us. It was like being underneath fly-overs that go over roads.  
There were a lot of people there and children. Some men in military uniform arrived with guns and they started to shoot at us. I could only see the faces of a few of the men, due to the distance away,  they looked Vietnamese/Chinese. Everyone was running, although the men were walking, I was the only one calling the children and trying to retrieve them, when I saw the men coming. Everyone else was looking after their own butts instead of rescuing the children.

Then when some people saw me going to the rescue, and calling the children, there were a few of us that shouted to all of the children to come here, lay down, face down. Then the first round of bullets came, then we all ran upstairs with the children. I did not see how many people and children were hit. We did not look back. 
When I arrived upstairs in the concrete structure,  it was like a large open landing, corridor with very high concrete ceilings and it was wide. I was concerned that I did not have my bag or purse that I had left behind. There was something important in there to help the people. In real life, in my bag I used to carry rescue remedy for shock, just in case I came across anyone that was suffering. In my purse, I carry the hamsa that came off my key ring given to me in Tel Aviv.

This dream was about a mass murder, not by one man, but by a group of men.  This was a planned event, and it felt like America.

The dream ended with most of us upstairs. It felt like a recurring dream that had come to its conclusion. As I was coming out of dream state,  I remembered the words of God ‘No school, schools out’. 

My Christian friend in the USA also told me about a man that had been on their conference call. A truck driver, that had overheard certain people from the government mention a planned assassination that would create riots across the USA.

I am very careful about what I share for divine purpose, and these questions are relevant. Is the man a plant? Were the people that he overheard making sure that the truck driver overheard what they knew would go viral if what they said had been shared? Was it the intention of government agents to co-create panic about the situation that they spoke about?

Its imperative that people stay in their peace and calm at all times in these last days.

Prophet Isaiah also warned that not everything is a conspiracy. As far as the biblical prophecies are concerned it states that the chief officer that takes their money will disappear and they will wonder where he went. As such, as far as biblical prophecy is concerned, I do not foresee an assassination of Obama.

The biblical prophecies speak of prison for the political leaders that have committed crimes against humanity and prison is certainly the place for him. Obama didn't only commit crimes against his own people,  he also committed crimes against the humanity of people in other countries and regions of the world. The latest news is that they plan to stay in Afghanistan until 2024.

The truck driver told the conference call that he was delivering MRE's (food packets used by the military) when he heard the other men speak about the planned event. The synchronicity about that is relevant because on Sunday, I posted a video called 'There's no food in the house'. It is a video of a man and his sister who are eating MRE's because they have no food.

That then reminds me of the message from God when he said 'Dried foods, no good for you, eat live foods'. In other words, foods that carry live energy to give you energy, like salads, fruit, and things that grow with the energy of the sun. He was telling me to eat a low carb diet due to my energetic frequency being like the lightness of a  Lotus flower, he did not wish for my frequency to descend due to the foods that I ate.

As such, those that eat MRE's are vibrating at a low frequency. It isn't hard to understand how that would be the case for the military and those involved in it. There is nothing enlightened in being paid to murder others, like those in the dream that I had.

In addition,  'No food in the house' relates to the prophecy by Prophet Malachi about the Messenger of the Covenant and how the people are 'robbing elohiym', due to not making a donation and doing the will of God. The video about the MRE's was posted on Sunday. On Monday I was brought some food, on Tuesday, a neighbor also brought another six eggs and as we know eggs are to do with protein. That message tells me that the physical body requires more protein.

Six can relate to a timing, it is also the number of the points of the 'Star of David' that appeared in the heavens in 2003 when the harmonic concordance was held globally by spiritual people. 2003 was a five year and 2012 is also a five year of physical manifestation. Six months from now would take us to October, and in October that is when the Saturn in Libra transit comes to its end.

Then it will be Saturn in Scorpio. I am being told, 'Honey, the honeymoon is over'. When the honeymoon is over, that is when a person stops caring fully for the other person in the relationship. That is when communications break down, when people stop communicating with each other. Stop listening to each other, stop giving and helping each other. The honeymoon for the USA is over, the marriage vows have been broken, just like the covenant of God has been broken by the people.

God sent his Royal bride to help humanity, humanity did not honor the marriage. He is telling humanity that the honeymoon is over. Prophet Hosea told the people that the LORD God would betroth his people to him in righteousness and faithfulness and that he would plant HER himself. However, the bees that co-created the honeycomb and its honey, did not honor its Queen that brought them the pure nectar from the flowers of elohiym.

Honey moon also relates to the sweetness that was given to the Muslims, he is telling humanity that there will be no more honey sweetness. Now the marriage is very serious indeed, no more love bubbles because humanity are at crisis point with the bees dying everywhere. Another term would be that the marriage is on the rocks. Only when the marriage is on the rocks, do people come to understand what is really important in life. Who they took for granted, and who they truly love.

No coincidence then that today is the 'Day of Protection'. He is warning you of what is going to happen if the people continue to deny the will of God and the marriage. When people deny the marriage, the relationship with God, it is the same as when Peter denied his teacher three times. Peter denied the truth to save his own butt. Just like the people in the dream that were saving their own butts; instead of shouting truth from the house tops to save the children.

Can a marriage that is on the rocks be saved? It takes a willingness of the people to save the marriage, it takes effort from both sides. It takes the power of forgiveness, the power of real love to make it happen.
It takes a heart of understanding to rectify what has to be done for the relationship to work. Humanity are in an inter-dependent relationship with our Creator and the planet on which they live.

Apparently, the concept of a 'honeymoon' came from Indian culture and its elite. After the wedding, the wealthy husband, the ultra rich would take their wives on a tour of different locations. A bridal tour to introduce his new wife to different people and relatives that were not able to attend the wedding.

The Oxford Dictionary mentions how the term can be traced back to the 16th century. It has the concept that 'the first month of marriage was the sweetest'. It was related to the phases of the moon, and its impact on the emotions of the feminine. First the moon becomes full and then it wanes. As we know the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet, she is not ruled by emotion or those that are. That is one of the reasons that she was given the white stone, and why she gave the white crystals to the healing practitioners that were trained by her.

The 'honeymoon is over' also relates to the fact that the 'waning of love is like the waning of the moon'. However, what does real love have to do with the moon? The moon has no light of its own, and love is the light and light is truth. However, there is a big difference between human love and divine love. In the same way as there is a big difference between the 'ways of man' and the 'ways of Spirit'.

It is written that in Europe they gave the bridal couple enough mead for a month, ensuring happiness and fertility. The Welsh word for 'honeymoon' translates as 'Honey Month'. In the Hungarian language, its called 'Honey weeks', m├ęzeshetek. That Hungarian word reminds me of Melchizedek and the order of it. The order of the High Priest/ess, The King of Salem, the King of Righteousness who is inter-galatic. 

As we know the Mormons also embrace Melchizedek, although I haven't met one yet that has met him. They also spend vast fortunes on their weddings, in their temple palaces. So was the traditional marriage that people experience today part of Christianity? The marriage is a spiritual marriage not an earthly one. Hence, why Christ predicted that people would not marry in the last days of the end times. He said, they would be like the Angels in Heaven. In other words like the healing Angels of Elohiym. He knew that spiritual people would turn their hearts towards the spiritual marriage with the divine, and its realities. The sacred union with the divine is the cure for all ills. 

As we know tour operators and the whole wedding fraternity make fortunes out of the wedding ceremony and its honeymoons. Traditional weddings today have gone beyond most peoples pockets, and certainly beyond the pockets of the poor. Long gone are the days when people are willing to hire a wedding dress, and can save up 350 pounds for a wedding reception for 90 people. 

Its the same with the relationship with the divine, people have to be willing to save themselves, by healing themselves. Before they're ready for the bridal chamber and the marriage between the soul and the Spirit, the soul has to be purified. 

It seems like a life time ago now, since I experienced the 'Bride of Christ' initiation. Very few people are aware that the marriage initiation, can be found in the Indian culture and its mysticism as well. The initiation is a divine mystical experience, it comes after people have passed many other initiations on the rite of passage with flying colors. 

Well this post started with the dream of a mass murder, and finished with the spiritual marriage. 

How great is that, the Love Union is the cure for all ills for those in the earthly realms. However, be aware that just like there is no more honey, nor is there any more sweetness. This Love Union is righteous, just like Melchizedek is righteous, he is real and there is nothing sweet about him. I remember when he told me not to try to squeeze my foot into a shoe that was too small. He told me to wait until the fit was perfect. 

In other words, he was telling me not to put my foot into the shoe that I was being offered at that time. He knew that what I was being offered at that time, was not big enough, and that there was a further journey to take before completion of truth would come to be. 

In the same way, it seems America still have a lot to learn about the spiritual journey, about truth, about authenticity and real experience of the divine. When one has truly experienced the divine, one cannot deny it. For if one does so, the people are oppressing and suppressing themselves, and what they are here to do. 

On a different post, I wrote about Russell Brand and celebrity being a means to an end. How it was the same for Jesus Christ, how he did what he did because it was a means to an end. This is also what I have called the 'mean time' and the 'sober decade'. Sobering up from the honeymoon, sobering up from the love that has been poured upon humanity with the power of the cosmos. 

It is time for the spiritual community to get real, and take their light into the darkness to transform it. Enough of the spiritual community staying in their love bubbles, their bubbles are about to burst, because that which is truth is here whether they like it or not. 

I shall not put this spiritual marriage on the rocks of St Peters, in Rome, those involved in the Vatican do not deserve it, the orthodox Church does not deserve it, due to their denial of what is real and living now. Only the indigenous peoples, and those Christians that have truly helped humanity deserve their spiritual inheritance that was founded upon love. The best foundation is love not honey or money. A foundation that is built on love; cannot be knocked down by any winds of change.  

Although honey is often mystical symbolism for a type of wisdom, and sweet wisdom was shared along the way. However, the wisdom that I was blessed to share in recent years wasn't sweet. It was all about righteous love demonstrated by zealous compassionate action; to help the people to save themselves from themselves. 

How many spiritual people know that Krishna had a spiritual teacher? Yet, the Indians worship him. The same with Buddha. The other day I saw that a person shared a so-called comment from Buddha, that said 'If you meet a Buddha on the road kill him'. Does that sound like Buddha to you? Buddha would not harm a single soul or sentient being intentionally. 

So did that quote really come from Buddha? Is it truth? You know in your heart. So why do people share a Buddha quote that incites murder of a spiritually enlightened person? Another plant? You know that in your heart as well. The Buddha quote was not a warning that would save a life, like this dream is warning the people to help them in advance. We can identify the building by its large archways. 

The reason that this divine marriage came to be, was because it was divinely chosen, for divine purpose to help the people to ascend the tree of life in faithfulness and righteousness. To ensure that the divine instruments were hearing the same song. To ensure that nothing divided the spiritual community around the world. To unite the spiritual community of the nations in the heart of we give; by leading by example mercifully and gracefully. In dignity, being noble in holiness. However, if there are human lives at stake, do not ask me not to warn the people in advance, if and when I am given a pre-warning. 

The heavenly Father said 'Frosty'. Did you know that there is a Frosty Snowman? Apparently, frosty is a military term and it means 'to be ready', 'on the edge'. He also mentioned the 'Reindeers' yesterday and they defend the tree of life. I was writing about Russia/Siberia shamans at the time. There are a lot of Russian Jews in the Israeli military, so they are to be put on alert as well, because the people and children were being ambushed in the dream. 


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