Friday, 13 April 2012

Hello Dolly its RON PAUL

Well things are going the way that I felt they would, after Santorum and Gingrich dropped out of the race. The Christian evangelicals are supporting Ron Paul and the business people are going with Romney. 

Ron Paul packed out another audience, and still the MSM internationally, are ignoring how well Paul is doing. Now the Ron Paul television ads begin in Texas. 

When Paul was asked whether he would stay in all the way to Tampa? He replied 'I'm in'. In a Christian newswire article it states that the Christians like Ron Paul because he 'opposes tyranny, would cut the deficit and is pro-life'. Brian Jacobs said that Ron Paul is 'untainted by the corruption that has engulfed Washington'. [1]

In the meantime, Obama makes it sound like he and his and wife are charitable people by offering to pay more taxes. He could've just paid more taxes; instead of hoarding his wealth in the last year. No sympathy for Obama or its camp, due to the way that they have treated George. However, George is a name that has a great history in England, and George defeats the dragon with his sword of truth. 

Earlier this evening the heavenly Father said 'Cornelius' and then he said 'George'. There was a Pope Cornelius. 251-253, and he was followed by Pope Lucius I. The name Cornelius means 'battle horn' from the Latin root. He is the patron saint of cattle, domestic animals, and various health issues. Battle horn seems to fit what is going on in the USA. 

There was also a family friend with the name Georgie Cornelius and he was a professional wrestler. He was very beautiful, had thick black curly hair, and he wore a cape in the ring. He had a lovely cheeky smile, and he was a very big man. If I remember correctly, dad met him when he was in the army, WW2 time, and that is when they became friends. 

There was also an Elias Cornelius in 1794-1832, an American Christian Missionary. His father also had the same name. Georgie Cornelius also had a son and gave him the same name. However, the picture of Elias is uncannily like the director of UN Human Rights Watch. It looks like it is one of his past lives, although if his hair was longer he would look like young Georgie. 

Does he look like Hillel Neuer to you? 

As we know ELIAS is also a connection to Elijah and the name ELIAKIM. There are three places with the names of Cornelius in the USA. Indiana, North Carolina, and Oregon, and of course we all know about the state of Georgia. Their were other key people with the name Cornelius and they include Cornelius the centurion and that is to do with biblical times. I also have a centurion gatekeeper, and he is very good at his job. 


In the Hollywood film, 'Hello Dolly', Barbara Streisand was Dolly Levi, and the role of Cornelius was taken by Michael Crawford. In the past, Streisand was a supporter of Hilary Clinton, and I remember the song that she sang about the children, and how the children will listen. A truly beautiful song, sung by an incredible woman, with a voice so unique, it could only be given by God. In my book of life, she is the female singer of the 20th century, and I am not easily impressed. 

In 'Hello Dolly' there was a song about putting on your best for Sunday and this US presidential election is really about human rights. Jesus Christ also stood for the human rights of the people. The human rights of the people internationally. Obama has already proven that human rights are not his number one priority. From true human rights comes democracy, financial stability, liberty and freedom. It offers equality for every man, woman and child. 

If I look at what Obama has done while he has been in the White House, if I look at the difference between Romney and Paul, then if you choose human rights for the people, then Ron Paul is the man. 

This is no longer a boxing match like Rocky for survival of a political party, religion or ideology. This is now gloves off Dolly, its time to say 'HELLO' we've arrived. As we know, Dolly was the match maker, and the right match is made in heaven. It is the match that lights the fire of love, within each and every heart. Ron Paul does have that passion, and so do his supporters. I hope that the Jewish people, like Barbara truly support human rights for everyone. 

I hope with all of my heart, that the people can overcome their differences, work together, for the benefit of all. 

In the film, Dolly was unsure. 'She is unsure about the marriage until Ephram sends her a sign. Vandergelder spontaneously repeats a saying of Ephram's: "Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It's not worth a thing unless it's spread about, encouraging young things to grow." Cornelius becomes Horace's business partner at the store, and Barnaby fills in Cornelius' old position. Horace tells Dolly life would be dull without her, and she promises that she'll "never go away again" 

So Dolly Levi, are you with us or against us? Are you with the children and their Messenger of the Covenant that supports human rights and UN Watch? Its time to decide blessed one. 

Come blessed one, we can work it out. 



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