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The Giving Tree

This is a beautiful video and its called 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein.

As we know Prophet Isaiah spoke about the stump of Jesse and how a branch shall grow out of it roots. Isaiah 11:1 In the Latin Vulgate bible from the Middle Ages it was written. "et egredietur virga de radice lesse et flos de radice eius ascendet' or 'a rod out of the root of Jesse, and a flower shall rise up'.

No coincidence then that 'rise up' is to do with the name that was given to Moses for the one that God promised would come for his people.

Flos, pl floris is Latin for flower. Source link states that Virga is a 'green twig' or 'rod'. Also one cannot ignore the word Virga and its association with Virgin. Christian scholars say that the stump of Jesse was Jesus. However, is that true? 

First we have to look at the word Jesse, in Hebrew the word Jesse means wealth or wealthy. As such, the Virgin flower would come from the wealth of the family that had been cut down. I have shared in the past my ancestry, and how that came to be. How a real Lady was rejected by her family due to her love, and the love that she chose. 

As such, she then lived in poverty with her children. Her children then worked in service for people that lived in the big houses that she had come from. Big houses that were the other side of the road. Hence, the saying 'how the other half lives'. The family on the side of that Lady were from Scotland and there is still a castle there. 

When Michael who is mentioned in the book of Daniel came into my life using the family name, I was led to look at that castle in 2008. I discovered that there are two burns. On one side is the 'burn of sorrow' and on the other is the 'burn of care'. They also named the glen, Dollar Glen.

I sent Michael copies of the healing CD's to help him to heal when he first came into my life. However, after he received them, he told me that he did not have a CD player, nor could his computer play CD's.

Michangelo also knew that the branch, the flower that would rise from Jesse would be a woman. That is why he painted me sitting in the arch frame. That too is symbolic of the capstone of spiritual independence, the capstone that the orthodox rejected. [1]

The AS symbol on this blog was also the symbol given by God for the logo, and it was to look like tubular bells, like a computer icon in platinum. The exact color was given when the vision was given.
Its hard for graphic designers to achieve the tubular bell effect. As such, people tend to view it in a flat perspective.

AS is also symbolic of Abba and Son, although it fitted perfectly for the 'Adopt a Stranger' campaign launched in December 2008 to help the poor. The premise being that if every single person adopted one stranger, what a world it would be. If every person that can afford to give, gave from their heart as I have done, what a world it would be. Leading by example as always been about walking the talk, and Jesus taught to give to those that ask for help.

When God commanded me to cut my hair short like Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music, I did not know about the Jesse fresco or that it pertained to me. [1]

This was not the original cover of the 52 minute healing meditation when it was released. My son decided to redesign it, and surround his mother with the angels from the original cover. 

I did ask for people to help to get this wonderful healing meditation to the people. We did give away more copies than I can count to people who could not afford them. Every location that I was sent to abroad, we gave mediation CD's to the people that God brought to me for help. 

It would be wonderful if someone would be willing to make a video of a part of this meditation. To help the people and it does include healing the inner child in the beginning. Each of the archangels bring you a gift during the healing process. The divine respond when they hear my voice, and the other day God said 'They need to hear your voice'. 

The meditation was received in 2000, it was originally launched on CD in 2001,  due to the sheer power of it during the divine mother workshops that I was running after the meditation had been received. 

Two Australians from two different parts of the world sent me the original picture, I knew then that it was to be the cover for the CD. Family loaned the money to get the production underway, and the blessed producer gave his time for free, even though I did not ask him to do so. The producer gave from his heart, the production of this heavenly meditation came to be. 

Within a couple of weeks of the launch, the Daily Mail, YOU Magazine  reviewed it, then it began to soar, and there were excellent reviews from those that experienced it. Then it was time to launch in the USA. However, the USA was so huge, distribution was impossible without a large marketing budget, or team, that I simply did not have at that time. 

So I contacted people in the USA, that had been brought to me, and there was not a single person that was willing to take up the opportunity. An opportunity for prosperity. After five years of the meditation toping the charts in the UK, it began to decline due to my efforts being sent to help Israel and the USA. The manufacturer, our distributor then stopped listing this classic meditation and he said 'You have had a good run'. Is it the end for this classic? No, classics go on and on, just like my heart goes on giving. 



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