Saturday, 21 April 2012

Robin Staying Alive - Coming out of Coma

It was last September that I posted on this blog that the LORD God had given me the song 'Staying Alive' by the Bee Gees. Some of you may also remember previous posts on the Robin, as soon as I heard about Robin from this land of Joseph, going into a coma. A prayer post was put up on our other blog. [1]

His family have been singing and playing songs for him. People around the world have been praying. The news now is that he is coming out of the coma.

Now is the time to send the power of healing intention to bring him fully back to life in a healing recovery.

Come Robin, come, there is work to do blessed one.

Come Robin, the power of your love can pull you through.

'Your love is as deep as the ocean and as tall as a tree' from Sacred Words

Thank you heavenly Father for helping Robin.



Eliakim said...

Pushthelimit on youtube mentioned the Labyrinth. When I checked the old post on the Labyrinth, there was the message about staying alive and the Bee Gees.

Come on Robin this is karmic related to past life.

You can break the karmic cycle. Hang on to love, come through with love. I will help you.

Eliakim said...

Great news, Robin has taken his tube out, is asking for ice cream, he is laughing and joking. He would like to go home. The doctors have said it is miracle.

Thank you heavenly Father for hearing.