Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Military Order of Jesuits

This is a Jesuit update on our earlier post in March. [1] Two videos were posted for my attention. 

The first one refers to 'The Secret Military Order of Jesuits', the second is from 2010 and addresses how the Jesuit Church have been involved in 'illegal immigration'. 

"Lou Dobbs speaking to Fr. Tom Reese S.J from Georgetown University says "You didnt answer a single question I asked father, but then again YOU'RE A JESUIT, you can get away with that". On the same day, October 5th 2009, his home was fired upon by a drive-by shooter just missing his wife standing outside. He resigned a month later." Text with the video. 

Business leaders in the UK have said the same, that the British children are not willing to do the jobs, when that was defeated, they then said that the British children don't have the right qualifications. 

Well that can be easily defeated as well. Be aware that this is not just going on in the USA and the UK. It is going on in every country where there are Jesuits and you can find them in every political party. 

Why do you think Bush and Blair went into Iraq without the backing of their parliaments, the UN or their people? The war in Iraq was a biblical prophecy, we know that 9/11 was an inside job, I knew that the day I was watching those towers fall. It has now been proven scientifically.

However, what I did not know at that time is that the destruction of the towers is also a biblical prophecy, in the same way Obama taking their money is a biblical prophecy. It is one thing for biblical prophecies to manifest naturally, it is something else for Jesuits or anyone else to co-create them forcefully, especially when it means that people will die due to it. The Jesuit Church is responsible for its co-creation in the events have taken place. Wake up orthodox Christians, as the bible predicts your covenant with death is annulled, if Christian America does not wake up soon, a lot more will be slaughtered and this time it will be inside the USA.



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