Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Assange Sorting out the Men from the Boys

When the Liberal media come out acting like 'little boys' you know that their authority is being challenged. The Guardian, The Observer, Breitbart Media and other American media speak out against Assange and its latest interviews provided on RT. RT gave Assange the opportunity and the creative freedom of expression. Assange has then offered that same opportunity to those that he is interviewing.

One aspect that one notices with Assange is that he does know how to listen and learn about other realities other than his own. He does know how to give others a voice. That is something for the boys to understand, especially the media and Breitbart that have not given a voice to Ron Paul.

I hope that Assange gives him that honor before the US presidential election. I hope that Assange challenges the mainstream media around the world, and that he does for Ron Paul what all the 'little boys' did not have the courage to do. Back a real statesman, with a real track record. Give the man a fair chance and an equal opportunity.

When a journalist calls a whistleblower, a 'useful idiot' and a 'pawn'. You know its 'game up' for the mainstream media. The publishing industry is being brought to account, for its 'bias', and support of existing regimes in the Western world. Breitbart Media are acting in the same way, by continually supporting Mitt the Mormon. I haven't seen their vetting of Mitt yet, and there is still a lot more to come out about Obama.



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