Sunday, 8 April 2012

Benedict XVI -v- LOTUS FEET

Benedict XVI has made various comments this weekend. As we know 16 is the tower of destruction and when he was elected the Son of God told me it would be 'genocide for the Church'. 

He also said 'Christianity was never born, it is still in the womb'. The womb of the mother. Since that time, I have asked the Christians will you embrace the bundle of joy or will you abort it? Due to the attachment of the Christian orthodox to the 'dogmas' that the Vatican indoctrinated the people with, 
few ascend beyond the 'way of man' to walk in the way of the Spirit. The bible also predicted that not everyone will walk the way of holiness, and Prophet Isaiah referred to it as the 'highway to holiness'.

Did Benedict XVI walk the 'way of man' or the 'way of Spirit? Those that walk the way of the Spirit know the response to that. Now here is Benedict XVI speaking of 'enlightenment' and what does he know about such things? He said that 'Faith was the true enlightenment'. The word faith was invented by the theologians, the original word was 'trustful loyality'. Trustful loyalty to the sacred union with the divine. It had nothing to do with faith in religion, the Church, or its priests and their 'dogma'.

True enlightenment is an individuals spiritual journey, and it can manifest in different ways, there are many heavens to experience, many different dimensions and realities. Every spiritual journey is unique for divine purpose.

Teshuvah Benedict, teshuvah.

Benedict said 'Life is stronger than death. Good is stronger than evil. Love is stronger than hate. Truth is stronger than lies'. 

'Life is strong than death' so why does the Church celebrate the death of a man instead of the life of the man this weekend? 'Good is stronger than evil, Love is stronger than hate'. Well as St Augustine said, 'as hate really means less love, evil means less good.' There was only good and less of it, love and less of it in the eyes of the early Church. So it begs the question, why did the Vatican co-create such a vast duality? Is it because those that built the Vatican in Rome did not understand the difference between the 'way of man' and the 'way of the Spirit'. Is that why they murdered those that lived in the way of the Spirit and called them heretics?

Yes Benedict 'Truth is stronger than lies' and people of truth and integrity see the Vatican and what it was built upon. Was the Vatican built upon the rock of truth and integrity? No. Was it built upon the rock of love? No. The true followers of Christ were told not to build upon his foundations with building materials, the people were warned, that if they built religious buildings in his honor, then they would burn in the flames in the last days of the end times. Christ knew that new Jerusalem would come to be when the LORD his God ordained it. As we know, Christ referred to him as Abba. The heavenly Father. 

So did they build the Church to fulfill the prophecies that the Church would burn? Did they do it to prove that the Christian teachings were correct? Is that why there was a great slaughter on 9/11? To prove that the teachings of Prophet Isaiah were correct about the towers? Is that why they took the money from the American people? Biblical prophecies were given as warnings to help the people not to harm the people. They're given in advance so that the people can avoid tragedy, and the bible states that if anyone does not share the truth, and anyone is harmed because of it, then the responsibility is upon them. As such, the Vatican and its priests have a lot of heavy cause and effect to work through, before they will ever come to know and understand true enlightenment. 

Benedict said "The darkness that poses a real threat to mankind, after all, is the fact that he can see and investigate tangible material things, but cannot see where the world is going or whence it comes, where our own life is going, what is good and what is evil."

So who is the 'HE' that Benedict speaks of? The 'darkness that poses a real threat to mankind'. Notice he mentioned the word 'Mankind' and not 'Humanity'. Benedict uses the words 'investigate', 'tangible', 'material', does that remind you of the academics and its materialism? Does it remind you of the CIA and the FBI? Or does it simply remind you of the Vatican itself? Does it remind you of Rev 13 and the Leopard? Obama 'cannot see where the world is going or whence it comes, where our own life is going, what is good and what is evil'. Nor can Mitt Romney, because they both walk in the 'way of man'. 

Or is he referring to the truth movement that 'investigate', 'tangible', 'material'? Is the truth movement a 'real threat to mankind?' It is certainly a 'threat to mankind' of the Vatican and those that the Vatican have supported down the ages. Remember the bible warned about those that would call the 'light darkness and the darkness light'. 

No surprise than that they wheeled Benedict into what is described by the media as the 'darkness'. He was holding a lit candle. What does that tell you? He was telling the congregation that he is the 'light of the world'. When those that know, know that Benedict is the opposite. 

Another hidden message for the masons? 

"With regard to material things, our knowledge and our technical accomplishments are legion, but what reaches beyond, the things of God and the question of good, we can no longer identify,"

He mentions the words 'legion', 'knowledge', technical accomplishments', 'material'. What does that relate to? The Anonymous Group. 'can no longer identify', 'reaches beyond'. In other words, it is beyond their control, and they cannot control what is happening anymore. 

Benedict said
"The darkness enshrouding God and obscuring values is the real threat to our existence and to the world in general". 

There is no 'darkness enshrouding God', those that have become the light can see him and his Son. As his Son said 'Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God'. Yes the Church did 'obscure values', true spiritual values and the true Christ teachings for they did not understand them. Those that walk in the 'way of man' can never understand the 'way of the Spirit' that is mystical. As Christ explained to the Jewish priest Nicodemus, the way of Spirit is like the wind, you do not know where it has come from, or where it is going. 

Only those that walk in the 'way of the Spirit' know where the wind is blowing.

This statement of Benedict should really be pondered upon.

"If God and moral values, the difference between good and evil, remain in darkness, then all other 'lights,' that put such incredible technical feats within our reach, are not only progress but also dangers that put us and the world at risk," Benedict added.

'Lights', ' feats', 'dangers', 'world at risk' 'technical', 'differences'. 

What 'world is at risk?' The world that is run by the 'way of man' is in 'danger'. The men that take 'risks' with the community purse of the people. 

Notice he uses the words 'Lights and 'FEATS'.  Good play on words, does it remind you of the lights of Lotus Feet? Was it technical? Yes, they did not anticipate that the lights of Lotus Feet would be found all over the internet, all over the world. 

As God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'. 

Its over Benedict, best you and your comrades resign immediately, from top to bottom. 



PS No Surprise then that is post 26 in April, and 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. 

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