Friday, 13 April 2012

Dr J.C. Misrow Blessed Lotus Feet

THE WORKS OF DR. J. C. M1SROW, M. A., Ph. D. Usha Songita, (Songs of the Dawn) $1.25 

Other Books by Dr. J. C. Misrow, M. A., Ph. D. 

He was also known as Sri Jogdesh Chander Misrow, he was very intelligent in that life and he is in 
this one as well. 

Sri Jogdesh Chander Misrow 

USHA Songita - Songs of the Dawn 
You can read some of his poems here that he wrote in 1919. 

He wrote about the Mother and her Lotus Feet. 

How she was far away from him, and about her renunciation. 

This man reincarnated, he loved her so much. 

He was allowed to be born into the same family, 

when he reincarnated on earth. 

He blessed her immensely, with his words and deeds in that past life, 

he looked for her in the next. 

On a soul level, he was seeking her, looking in every place but home. 

As such, they were always very far away from each other. 

Due to his blessings that he bestowed upon her in his past life, 

he was blessed with an abundance in this life. 

There was a saying in the family, 

'he always comes up roses'. 

In this lifetime, the heart of his soul was compelled to find her. 

When he did find her, she helped him to find himself. 

The love petals that he had laid at her bare feet, came back to him, 

and she showered him in love energy. 

Just like confetti at a wedding, the love covered him. 

What you give comes back to you, 30, 60 or 100 fold. 

He is blessed and can be at peace. 

Love you blessed one, little lotus feet. 



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