Monday, 30 April 2012


Crop Circle season has begun with the first one reported on Saturday the 28th of April, 2012. The 28th of April was the 'Day of Steadfastness'. 28 is also the number of the 'LAMB' and there are two lambs in Rev 14. 14+14 = 28. 2+8 = 10 = New Cycle of Time.

The crop circle was found at 'YARNbury Castle, Nr Winterbourne, Stoke, Wiltshire. The crop itself looks like a moon that has been broken up. You can clearly see the crescent moon and the other sections of it. As you can see there are seven sections to it and seven relates to forgiveness in the NT. Seven also relates to karma in the OT, in Hebrew gematria seven is the value of the ZAYIN, 'the woman of valor'.

The moon that has no light of its own is breaking apart, the next seven months are going to be crucial for Islam and its members. Seven months from now takes us to the US presidential election. As we know, Obama is featured in Rev 13 and wisdom was called to do the count on him. If you do not wish for anymore Islamic leaders to be assassinated, then best you vote for Ron Paul.

The wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet, and that will surely impact on anyone that tells a 'yarn'. The planet is also in the 'Saturn in Libra' transit until October, so the spiritual law is definitely heightened for the Queen of the South and the judgement. The Virgin that stands against Obama and his supporters, she stands against the 'Son of Lawlessness' with 60 just ones. Exactly as the prophecies predicted that she would.

The next seven months you are likely to witness a lot of Islamic relationships break apart, as more and more people discover the truth about what is and what has been. No longer will people listen to a yarn that they have been spun to keep them in captivity. Now it is the Spirit of Truth that reigns supreme. In 2010 Clinton admitted that the 'USA is losing the information war'. Well let's just say that it is the same for Islam. Hence the crop circle depicts the breaking of the ways, just like the breaking of the waves on the shore. As we know the moon also impacts on the tides, and the tide is changing, a great deal is being washed up with the tides during these next seven months. The emotive social evolution continues.

The choice is clear, the 'way of man', or the 'way of Spirit'. Islamic women are arising and putting their children and their future first.

The truth will set them free.


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