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Sacred Star Numbers 24:17

Let us follow through the STAR in response to the 'helah ben shahar -v- Virgin' post. As we know 'helah ben shahar' was to do with Babylon. Now if you review the LORD's plan for the last days in Micah 4, it tells you how he rescued is daughter ZION from babylon. She was sent to the USA in 2008 when she arrived the Prince of Peace Church in Philadelphia burned to the ground. It was the LORD's testimony for his comforter and his Son warned the people that the religious buildings would burn in the flames.

This evening I was shown numbers 24 and it mentions the 'STAR.' The word for star in 24:17 is translated as 'Kowkab'. It tells the people that a star will come forth from Jacob, a Scepter shall rise from Israel. Notice it states 'rise from Israel' not in Israel.

Usually, Israel the country relates to Jacob. However, sometimes the prophets spoke metaphorically. Israel means 'struggle with god'. Also in the biblical prophecies there is 'little Israel'. In 2011,  due to the riots,  it was shown to us that it related to North London where many Sons of Jacob live.

Joseph was also the Son of Jacob, and Joseph had a dream and predicted that a person would come in his name. That then aligns with the Torah when Moses asked for the blessed of the burning bush to be given to the tribe of Joseph. In the Vulgate, it states that Jesus said he was from the tribe of David.

Is it a coincidence that the word 'rise' in Hebrew is the equivalent of my name in English? The name that is on my birth certificate? Is it also a coincidence that in part of my childhood we lived in NW1?

The prophecy in numbers also predicted that she would crush the heads of moab, the sons of Seth.

It links back to the book of genesis where it predicted that she shall crush the 'heads of the serpent'. It also predicted that the scepter would not leave Judah until Shiloh comes. Well the prophecies of Malachi and Hosea came to be. She was indeed planted in Jezreel in May 2006.

1. Star - Sacred. Archangel Michael used to call me 'Sacred Star'.
2. Scepter
3. Rise - Qum

It is in that chapter that it states, 'All those that bless you will be blessed. All those that curse you will be cursed'.

On the 12th of April, the 'Day of Awareness' a fire ball was seen going over seven US States.

In mystical Judaism seven is to do with the ZAYIN and the ‘woman of valor’. In numerology it is the life number of the Spiritual teacher.

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