Friday, 6 April 2012

Women's Lib All Planned

I have said it in the past. However, I was unaware that Aaron Russo had said it as well. Women's Lib was allowed, encouraged and promoted, to ensure that they could tax the women to control them and their children. Now they plan to make people work for food until they drop because it is written in the book of Genesis. Well I have news for the religious fundamentalists, Jesus said that the 'fundamentalists are an endangered species' from Sacred Words.

The holy one of Israel, their flame of Joseph has broken the curse. No longer shall my people work for food until the day that they die. Life is about to change big time, our children fulfill their divine plan.

Did the CIA murder Aaron Russo for speaking the truth?

How about Michael M Mauldin that was worth millions, a man that stood against Obama like Andrew Breitbart? A man that made a point of standing in the way of the corporations by refusing to move or sell. 

Is it a coincidence that MMM died after another person was taken to prison? Another person that stood against Obama? 

Is it a coincidence that a woman removed all his government records so that he did not exist anywhere? Is it a coincidence that she had access to some of his property and all of his financial portfolio? Is it a coincidence that she is a self-professed 'man hater' and 'hater of children'? 

Is it a coincidence that the police refused to investigate, arson, break-in's and his death? 

Is it a coincidence that during his life he defended African-Americans professionally? 

How many other activists that spoke the truth have been taken out?

Jesus Christ predicted that the 'Son of Man' would come when they arrested my people. Well they started arresting my people of truth and integrity. That is why the heavenly Father sent his prophet, his Messenger of the Covenant. Michael knew, he understood, he could see the light of love and integrity. He could not resist the light of love that he hoped in his heart would come. 

They did everything they could to stop me from rescuing him from the darkness of Cobb County. They have done everything they can to stop me from helping humanity to break the never ending cycles. Due to their investment in the status quo. However, little do they know that there is a greater power above and our love for humanity is not in vain. As Jesus Christ said during the Rev 12 timeline, 'Your love is not in vain'. from Sacred Words 

Our love will go on, even after I have left this planet, nothing will stand in the way of love, not now, not ever. The seed was planted a long time ago, and it grew into the most amazing tree of life. While the old tree was dying due to the roots being rotted with selfishness, a new tree of life was being planted. As the LORD God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'. 

What did women's Lib bring? It brought women that moved away from their feminine energies and qualities, their natural way of being. It made women into competitors in a man's world that is ruled by men that do it in the way of man, that is opposite to and opponent to the way of the Spirit of Truth and integrity. 

It brought abortion where women have been conditioned to view life as a commodity. A commodity to get them a man, flat, food and money or abort it. Birthing children became a means to an end because women were taken away from nurturing and nurturing their children. 

How many women actually plan to have a child as I did? Jordan was planned because my heart was compelled by love to give my love to a child that I could birth from my flesh. I could not imagine my life without children. However, if I had been blessed with a good husband, I would have birthed more than one child. What value is life without children, when they are the supreme joy of human life? If I had been really wealthy then fostering and or adoption could also have become a reality. There is no limit to love or its potential. Love spreads far and wide, beyond human comprehension. 

"Children are not a commodity without love they become so" from Sacred Words 

Governments have schemed and plotted to take control of the children, their minds, hearts and souls because they knew that Prophet Isaiah predicted that when I came, I would come with the children. That is why when Michelangelo painted the Creation fresco, I am in the heart with the children and the heavenly Father is defending me and the children. The children, the heavenly Father, and his wondrous woman from heaven mentioned in Rev 12 and Micah 4 is here. 

May justice be done for Michael, Aaron, Andrew and every other activist, that gave their lives for you. 


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